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    Our Makeover Journey Part 3

    Days Five and Six

    What a crazy few days. The designers are still purchasing items and have added a new front door and new coffee tables and end tables to the rest of the list. The list currently includes:

    Living room:
    Hard wood floors, new paint on all walls, new front door, new coffee table and end tables.
    Dining room/Kitchen:
    Hard wood floors, new paint on all walls, chandelier.

    So far that is all they have disclosed. All the materials will be delivered Saturday around 2pm.
    Then starting next week, everything will start being installed. All rooms must be done by September 19. Judging will begin on September 26 along with media interviews and news segments. YIKES! Going to be on TV! So exciting yet so scary. This is one crazy experience that I am so glad to be a part of!


    Final Countdown!

    Sorry, I have been MIA. We have been working so hard on this makeover. We had no idea that we would be responsible for 100% of the work.  However, we made the best of the situation and got right to work. We have been painting walls, painting ceilings, laying floors, hanging lights, moving furniture, and more. Our living room and dining room are almost complete.

    The design team will be out tomorrow afternoon to place all the details in the rooms. We have the weekend to keep it in tact as Monday will be a huge day! CBS 11 News camera will be out, as well as Fox 4 Good Day, Dallas Morning news, and a professional Real Estate Photographer will be at the house to interview us and take photos.


    The Final Day

    Can you believe it?!?!? It’s been 3 weeks and it’s the final day of the Design Duel. We have learned so much from this and still can not believe we got this opportunity. Even though things didn’t seem as they should be or what people said they would be, it was still a great experience and I am very happy we were able to participate. I met 3 wonderful designers who are so nice and were able to capture our personalities perfectly after only meeting us for a few short hours. I really want to thank everyone so much who voted for us to get this makeover.

    At 9am this morning, only in 1 and a half hours, the design team will be here setting up all the final details. At 10:30am CBS 11 will be here to interview us, the design team, and the house. I am so nervous. I don’t like being on TV. Then around 11:00 – 11:30am, a professional photographer will be here taking photos of the house and our the design team and my self. Good thing I just had my hair cut!!!

    Even though today is the final day and all these crazy things are going on today, the judges will not be out until next Monday to actually judge the rooms for the contest. But, there will be an online vote this week for everyone to vote on their favorite room!!! Lets hope we can win that too!!!

    Well, I will report back later as to how everything went.

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