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    Our Summer Toy Fun

    This summer has been busy one for sure, but I wanted to share a couple toys that were & still are hot ones for us.  Fisher-Price never fails!  If you have Disney Junior, then you are fully aware of the Octonauts heros!  Whether your little one’s imagination is on land or sea, the Octonauts GUP-A Mission Vehicle is perfect for all rescue missions!  You can’t go without the Octonauts Octopod Playset though because that is where all the action is.  Your little one can create his or her own Octonauts adventures!  The fun is endless with its 10 included play pieces.  If you have a little older child, then you have got to grab yourself some Backyard Safari gear and essential tools!  This gear makes any night {or day} a fun time!  Vacuum up all your big or little insects and give them a new home in your land & water habitat!  Each Backyard Safari toy provides you with various Field Guides that make learning essential!

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