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    T.V. Minutes {Earning Screen Time}

    Remember when I posted about the repurposed puzzles I turned into chalkboards? Well, I’m putting those chalkboards to good use, and I think you may want to try this too!  The chalkboards are currently tracking minutes, my children complete a chore, do a good deed, they receive  minutes. For example, to do the dishes you can earn 1o minutes, for taking the recycling to the bin 4 minutes, etc. etc.

    They are earning these minutes to use towards screen time, they can ask to use these minutes, which I deduct from the board and  can watch t.v, play on the iPad, or video games.

    Did you know children should not have more than two hours of screen time?  Yes, it’s true, and this charting of their minutes completely helps parents and children keep track.  My children don’t want to use all their minutes in a sitting, and it’s honestly become a contest to see who can earn the most minutes, which means they are saving their minutes!  The most rewarding/pat-on-the-back moment for me… well, when the kids ask “what can I do to earn minutes?”   Yes, you heard me they are ASKING TO DO CHORES!

    Some people may say you are putting value on television and computer time, and I say NO, I’m making my kids earn it.  I could put value on money, and they can spend it on candy.  With this earning of minutes, I’m getting them to do what they should do (taking care of their chores), as well as they are grasping the understanding of yes, do what is expected of you and you earn something; but I’m also managing their screen time.  My children have started to use something most kids don’t even obtain these days>>IMAGINATION!  They have played, created, and even baked instead of watching T.V.

    *** We also takeaway minutes, for not doing what is told of them***

    I would love to know if you try this out.


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