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    Personalized Notebooks from Gotcha Covered Notebooks

    Personalized Notebooks Are All The Rage!


    Yes, school may be over for this year, but I am planning for next year already!  If there is one thing I have learned as a parent, you have to make “learning” fun.  If you equip your young ones with fun accessories, then the entire learning process become more fun and easier too!  I was asked to check out the products by Gotcha Covered Notebooks and I am super excited to share these products with you, partially because I am a huge paper addict.  I love paper products, not even going to lie.  But, now that I can customize and personalize my notebooks, that makes it even more fun for me alone!  Of course, I’d have to share with my kids….blah….but if it makes their learning process more intriguing, then who am I to say no to that?

    One late night I hopped onto my computer and decided I was ready for a break.  It was one of those days that just had left me scratching my head.  I had to remind myself throughout the day that I needed to breathe.  Just take a deep breath and let it all go.  So, my escape was to create a personalized notebook that was just for me.  Yes, I could have made it kid-friendly but this was for me after all, so I wanted it to have meaning, for me.

    I went to and selected the “All” option to look at the numerous selections of notebooks.  Now your first choice’s are to create your own.  There’s where the total customization and personalization comes in.  You can upload your own images, add your own text, etc…but I wasn’t feeling that creative at that particular moment so I decided to just enhance one of their own designs with my own text.  I found a design that spoke to me….Balloons Over Paris {because one day, I plan on paying Paris a visit}.


    I started to work on my wording.  I wanted to use it as a motivational notebook.  A place to keep all my positive mantra’s, my dreams, and anything that made me feel good.  I choose the 8.5″ x 11″ size with college ruled paper and a gray spiral {$12.99}.  So, I opted to say, Live the Life You’ve Imagined….One Day At A Time, on the cover.  I used a simple font in a matching brown color that outlined the balloons, and Eiffel Tower.  Then on the back  I have added, You Have The Power To… Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It in a slightly darker teal color that was displayed in the balloon.  Once I was finished I was furnished a visual proof of my design, front and back.



    All that was left now was the waiting!  That’s the hardest part!  When it arrived I was so excited.  Yes, it doesn’t take much to excited me where paper products are concerned!  I was SO beyond happy when I saw it! It arrived in an orange drawstring bag, which was an extra special nice touch!  After all, packaging and first impressions are KEY!!!  The cover was a harder than your traditional “paper” notebooks.  They are made to last!

    Here’s a little bit more about the company itself.  All products are geared towards children {of all ages, ehem} and what a better way to make them feel special then creating a notebook that’s just for them.  You can choose from notebooks, coloring books, stickers books, and creating your own, designs and cuts.  You have a lot of options and that is one reason I love them.  Not every child is the same, so why should their learning or creative accessories be the same?  Another cool fact about Gotcha Covered Notebooks is that their products are all CPSIA compliant and they are all made in a SGP facility, which basically means, it is safe for children and the environment.  So, as you enjoy the summer and start thinking of the next school year, be sure to plan ahead and get the kids their own special notebook as a kick off to school gift.  I try to think of different ways to make each school year special and my oldest is starting her senior year next year, my son will be entering 8th grade, and my youngest will be starting middle school.  Each of them will have big years ahead, graduation of high school, graduation of middle school and the start of middle school, so it’s a big year to say the least.  I plan on creating a special notebook for each of them to help them get through the school year on a positive note…no pun intended! 🙂




    **Disclosure** I was provided with a sample experience and actual product in order to facilitate this review, however all views and opinions are honest and are mine and mine alone.


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