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    Storybook Fantasies on Netflix #Streamteam

    Storybooks aren’t just for kids you know.

    Storybook Netflix beauty & the beast on netflix


    I have always loved going to see Disney movies with the kids.  It’s always been a fun experience, not only for the kids, but for me too.  I am a big kid at heart, really, I am.  I sneak in my secret cries in the dark hoping no one will see mom do her “ugly cry”. Sometimes I can get away with it, but my kids are older now, so they unfortunately expect me to whip out the tissues.  


    Storybook themeed Arrow on Netflix #Streamteam


    When I discovered the storybook themed shows on Netflix, I was struck by the fantasy bug.  I got swooped in.  Then I swooped my teenager in with me.  I am only watching one storybook show at a time so I can preserve every episode watched.  Right now we are watching Beauty & the Beast.  It’s more or less a cross between fantasy and mystery.  There is this beautiful girl (Catherine) who is protected by the beast aka ex-soldier, Vincent.  Vincent continues to protect the Catherine who is a detective with the police force.  They go through the episodes trying to figure out Catherine’s mothers past while trying to find a way to help Vincent control his urges to become a terrifying beast.  When they finally discover their love for each other, it’s magical, hence the fantasy.  This is one show that my daughter and I started to watch together and when it’s over and while we wait for the next season, I’ll move on to Arrow and I’m sure she will watch it with me.  I try to find shows that we can watch together because it’s a way for me to keep the bond of having a teenager from going south.  Our last show we watched on Netflix was Gilmore Girls (you can see my post here) and it was so fun to watch together seeing as that we are experiencing much of what Lorelai and Rory went through.  I am excited to watch Once Upon a Time, but she already watched it, so I’ll start that on my own time and try to get caught up so we can watch the next released season together.  Yep, totally addicted to storybook themed shows on Netflix.  I have also watched a couple princess(y) movies with my younger daughter.  Movies like Princess Diaries 2 and Princess Protection Program, where we can bond a little but with her attention span, thats about all she can handle with out watching to do something else, like going outside to play basketball.  


    Storybook Once Upon a Time #Netflix #Streamteam


    What storybook themed show would you like to see made?


    Storybook Post & Reality Wahlburgers #netflix #streamteam


    The other Netflix addiction is reality shows.  Yeah, some are good and some aren’t as good but right now, I am totally digging Wahlburgers!  OMG, that is a true, down to earth, family if I’ve ever seen one!  I love that they all make reference to where they came from.  It’s very humbling to know that and it’s very humbling to see they aren’t afraid to share their backstory because it made them all who they are today.  Alma {mom} is an amazing woman and mother.  Seeing her on the show makes me smile from ear to ear because she just says it how it is and it reminds me a little of how I am with my own kids.  They have a great family relationship and that’s something that you rarely see these days on reality shows.  I’ve been checking out the other reality shows on Netflix and I am very close to watching Dance Moms, Undercover Boss and Cupcake Wars!  I know my oldest loves watching anything CSI related so I’m thinking of making that one of our next show series to watch.


    What reality show would you like to watch…it may end up being your guilty pleasure!




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