QT Sunglasses are HOT!

QT Sunglasses will make you and your little ones look like Q-T pies! Sorry I just could not resist that temptation. I have to say, I am a huge sunglass freak to the point that I have about 5 pairs or more floating around in my car, with about 5 more in my house. I am never far from a pair of sunglasses. I have taken my obsession with sunglasses to my children who now have about 6 pairs each, some with Dora, Spongebob, and some really nice plain ones. Of course, you don’t want to spend a lot on your sunglasses, but you want the look as if you had. That is where QT Sunglasses comes in. I was completely amazed when I opened my mailbox and saw the great products that were in the package waiting for me.

I received two pairs, one is the #223 Girls Aqua Blue Oversized Chanel Inspired DG Sunglasses. These are for little girls and they frame their faces so well, snug but not too tight. The best part is that they are oversized on the sides so the sun, even when it hits the side of you, does not reach your eyes. They protect your eyes because they have a UV Protection of 400! So, if your little girl wants to look like a little fashionista, these sunglasses are perfect for her!

Kids Oversized Aqua Sunglasses

I also received the #158 Black Dolce & Gabbana inspired DG Sunglasses. They also are available in Brown or White and these glasses definitely have the look for less! They are very durable, come with a free bag that can be used for storage and cleaning, and they also have a UV Protection of 400. I wore them out one day and typically not too many people comment on how nice your sunglasses look, however the one day I wore them to the store, as I walked in and was about to take them off, this one woman commented on how nice they looked and asked where I got them. Of course, I proudly said, QT Sunglasses.net. Here is what I was wearing…(aren’t they cute!)
Dolce & Gabanna DG Sunglasses by QT Sunglasses

Black Dolce & Gabbana

QT Sunglasses has many great designer sunglasses for much less. For the two pairs I received, they totaled less than $20.00! They carry a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, for women, men and children. Perfect summer accessory! Visit QT Sunglasses for purchasing and/or additional information. You will definitely be a satisfied customer!For ordering, use the following discount code:

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