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    Plan to Party: Simple & Special Entertaining In Your Home

    While I was reading “Plan to Party: Simple & Special Entertaining In Your Home” by Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno of Partybluprints, I was quickly taken back to when my parents would host “adult” parties at our home.  I remember mom and dad getting ready, planning all the food and snacks, making sure there was plenty of things for people to drink and the Bailey’s.  I remember having to be all cleaned up and ready for bed before the guests even arrived, much like the stories from the authors of “Plan to Party”.  Entertaining has always been a simple thing for me.  When I’d have my own parties, whether it be a birthday party or first communion, I would always get complimented on how smoothly everything seemed to be for me.  My friends and family would be in awe as I handled everything with ease and how I never seemed to stress out about things.  I really enjoy entertaining and having great times with family and friends.  I love the conversations we have, the games we plan, the taste of good foods and just being together.  I don’t even mind the kids running around…it makes it feel so homey.

    As you can see, the book really stirred up some great memories for me and I know they will with you too.  Their book is filled with amazing party images, basic entertaining and “good sense” tips that are really worth checking out.  You will want to ask a few questions for yourself so that you can figure out what type of party you wish to plan.  “Plan to Party” gives you an amazing Partybluprints Essential Check List to make sure you have all the tools and equipment you will need to plan your perfect (or close to perfect) party.  The book continues with a step-by-step guide to planning a variety of different party types along with narrowing down a party theme, picking the right invitations, planning your dinner menu, music selections and it even includes some amazing recipes to boot!

    If you want to plan an elegant dinner party, or just a fun fiesta with family and friends, then I suggest you check out Plan to Party: Simple & Special Entertaining In Your Home as it is jam packed full of amazing party tips, budget friendly ways to make your party a smashing success,  and will ultimately leave your guests wanting more!

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