PlateTopper {Review}

If you have a busy house with kids running every which way, I have found that the PlateTopper is a must-have.  You see, I have one official teenager and one soon to be an official teenager, and one very picky eater.  The thing I have realized as a mom is that as the kids get older, they aren’t around as much making nightly dinners sometimes non-existent.  So, when one of the kids is off with their friends and I make one of their “favorite” dinners, they have to wait until they get home to reheat whatever it is that I made that night.  They usually don’t like to reheat their dinner because that would mean that they have to take out three of four different containers and a plate.  The thing I like most about the PlateTopper is that I can make their plates up {cause I still like to have control of what and how much they eat}, place the PlateTopper on the plate and stick it in the fridge.  They have an airtight suction seal so it prevents foods from spoiling.  {We tested the suction out by putting it on the plate and then lifting the PlateTopper with the plate attached and it stuck on there pretty good!}  When the kids get home, all they have to do is pop it in the microwave and their job is done.  It saves me from having to use and dirty a number of containers, or even worse, struggling with that darn roll of plastic wrap!  The PlateToppers are wonderful and you can stack them up too so it’s actually a time & lifesaver of a product!

The PlateTopper is BPA free, dishwasher {top rack}, microwave, and freezer safe and are can also be used as a splatter, spill, and bug safeguard!

The PlateTopper comes in two sizes {10″ and 7.5″} and four different colors {clear, red, blue & green} so you can assign a different color to each family member so when they look for their prepared dinner plate in the fridge, they know exactly which one to grab.  PlateTopper has an exclusive “As Seen On TV” offer that includes 2 PlateToppers and 1 PlateTopper Mini for just $23.97.   I love mine and plan on using them whenever I can!  I’d say these can even be used as hostess gifts this holiday season!

DISCLAIMER: “gifted” Tots To Teens Magazine with a PlateTopper “As Seen on TV” set to test and review.  This blog post is merely a personal report based on how impressed I was with the product they supplied me with. Any and all opinions on this post are a direct result of my personal experience and are based on what I learned about the brand itself.