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    Many years ago we took my eldest daughter to get her ears pierced, she was only a few months old– and that event has forever shook us.  My daughter wailed as two women simultaneously stuck her ears.  My husband and I felt horrible my daughter was in tears, and her earring holes were not in the same location (one ear was higher than the other).  Naturally when we had our second daughter we both were not in a rush to get her ears pierced.  We thought we would wait, her ears would grow and we could get her piercings straight (hopefully minus the tears).  However waiting turned into years, and then years turned into my daughter saying “NO”.

    My daughter is now seven and she has no desire to pierce her ears simply because she knows it will hurt.  Before I was introduced to Poppy Drops we purchased her earrings and earring converters– she loved the earrings but did not like that you could see the converter. Now, she is happy because she can use Poppy Dots.

    Poppy Dots are temporary tattoo earrings for girls and boys made using all-natural, food-grade vegetable dyes.  Poppy Drops has tons of cute tattoo earrings to choose from as well as a monthly subscription.  Seasonal Poppy Drops are huge for my daughter she cannot wait to wear her cute peppermint {Winter} earrings– but we can wait for that since the sun has finally shown itself 🙂

    If you are worried about piercing your little one’s ears or your little one doesn’t want the pain of ear-piercing, but wants earrings I suggest you check out Poppy Drops. My seven year old loves them and my eleven year old has also used a pair or two herself… she likes the look of multiple earrings.

    Check out the cute Island Collection perfect for the summer.


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    1. Tattoo earrings…interesting. I was really afraid of getting my ears pierced as a little girl too. We haven’t pierced out baby girl’s ears because I want it to be her choice and for her to have the memory. 🙂 Babies with pierced ears sure are cute though! AND everyone knows ALWAYS that she’s a girl.

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