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    Product in Review: Shirts That Go

    If you have a child who loves cars, trucks, planes, trains, you get the picture, then you have to check out the fabulous tees created by dad-entrepreneur and founder of  These shirts are super cool!  All the tees capture a specific vehicle in motion.  An example of this would be the firetruck.  The firetruck has its lights on and you can clearly see in the image that the firetruck is on its rescue cruise.

    Right now the company has 13 designs to select from and they plan on adding new designs on a regular basis.  The tees are amazingly soft (I wish I had a t-shirt that soft!) and are made by American Apparel right here in the good old USA.  Sized for tots to tweens, these tees will certainly become your child’s favorite t-shirt.  Each shirt is $16.99 with FREE shipping, moms love that!  They will make for the perfect birthday gift for your little vehicle enthusiast!

    By the way, being in this business, I love to see unique packaging.  It really sets your product apart from the others.  (That is a little business tip for you if you have a product…packaging…packaging…packaging) has custom truck boxes that each shirt comes in so you can easily tell what is in your mailbox, no plain brown box shipments here!  LOVE that!

    I can’t wait to see all the new designs they come up with…perhaps they can make one for moms in the minivans?

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