Product Review: Organic Teensy Fruits by Plum Organics

When ever I tell my kids, “It’s organic“, or “It’s good for you“, all I hear are moans and groans.  I don’t know what it is about hearing that something is actually ‘better‘ for you that throws people into a frenzy.  I don’t know if it’s just habit or lack of being open to trying new things, but once you’ve had something that is so much better for you, how can you not like it?  Take for instance, fruit snacks.  Now we all know that the fruit snack is a staple in most of our homes, right?  What kid doesn’t like a chewy fruit snack?  You can now, happily, provide your child with a healthy alternative to your standard fruit snack by simply swapping out the old for the new, organic teensy fruits by Plum organics.  They are great for tots…but also great for moms on the go! *wink wink*  They are made from all natural, organic fruits (97% real fruit that is) and are perfectly sized for teensy fingers.  They come in three flavors, peach, apple (great if you like tart flavors -kids loved these) and berry (which I preferred after tasting them all), and they are soft, easy to chew, and extremely tasty!  I loved them and so did my kids, which makes me a happy mom!  Head on over to Plum organics to learn more about the organic teensy fruits and see what else they have to offer your little tot.