Products in Review:

This product review is LONG over due, but I figure it is better late than never these days! Back in December I was sent some products from to check them out and give our family review. Living in the windy city, it is crazy to think we’d need sweats, right? We do. Some days and nights it is so cold outside as well as inside. The cure all is a great comfy sweatshirt, hoodie, and if you are like Gianna who never seems to sweat (except for her feet! YUCK) you would be wearing a simple tee shirt.

This may surprise you but now some of these items are on clearance making them a steal of a deal! I’m actually thinking of stocking up for those chilly summer nights and the start of fall! You will need to check your size/color choices but if they have them, you my friends, score big!

This sweatshirt was sent for Scott. It is so soft on the inside and he loves the design! It is now on clearance for $2.99!!! Get it while it’s hot…or shall I say, cold?

He also received a really nice hoodie that is perfect for wearing in the house. He has the navy blue one, but I kind of like this gray one for my daughter for this summer! *She’s a bit of a tomboy!* This one is on clearance now for $4.99 —another great deal!!!

(Both the above say they are backordered in the sizes I need until March 15, just as an FYI…check by adding the item into your cart)

Gianna, my baby Tomboy, received a blue hoodie, that she wears on occasion. Like I said, she never seems to sweat so it’s really odd if you see her running around with anything long sleeved on! She also received a green t-shirt that she just wore today for Dr. Suess’s Green Eggs and Ham day at school! She sure does love her boy’s tees! The other thing she likes is her underwear, though I am sure she would prefer boxer brief, lol…these will do.

My tangent: I really wish Hanes would make girls boxer briefs! There are so many little girls who enjoy the comfort of boys clothing and I’ll tell you why. Look at the pants that are made for little girls. The legs are skinny, much like that of skinny jeans for adults. They are fitted at the leg and tighter around the waist. Where is the comfort there for a little girl who likes to run, play and get dirty with her brother? The t-shirts…another one. Look at the sleeves. Those little cap sleeves are the worst! How can a little girl tumble around and move comfortably? What about the sides of the tees? They are fitted to the girls torso. Give them a little wiggle room, can ya? There is no reason why Hanes or any other company for that matter, can’t make cute, loose fitting, comfortable clothing for little girls. Sweat pants, please, make them more roomy…and give them elastic around the ankles just like the boys! Ok, I am done for now, but if Hanes wants more idea’s, I have them….many of them actually…call me! 😉

BTW, Mommy received new undies too and I have to say, I am absolutely a huge fan of the ComfortSoft® Waistband!!! Let’s just leave it at that, shall we? The hubby even received a couple items! He has and loves his Hanes hoodie! It is something about their inner softness that we all love so much! He also received a pair of sweatpants that he finds joy in wearing around the house, mostly laying on the couch in! 😀

Hanes has been and will always be one of those ‘staple’ apparel items in our house. Whether it be underwear, sweats or tees for the summer, we always check the labels to see if they are made by Hanes. The quality in all their garments are perfect and the prices are even more perfect! In Hanes, we trust! Thank you Hanes & for always living up to our expectations!