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    Quick and Easy Snacks via Pinterest

    Okay, so I think I am addicted to pinterest! I have found tons of ideas for all sorts of things. From crafts to home decor and even food, its all there! So, when I came across these super cute snacks, I knew I just had to make them! They took about 5 min to make and even less for the kids to eat them! Even my husband was a fan.

    All you need is:

    Mini Vanilla Wafers. I found a huge bag at the Dollar tree, for a buck of course!

    Peanut Butter



    1 . Spread peanut butter on the flat side of each wafer.

    2. Top half of the wafers with a banana slice.

    . Top the banana wafer with the other half. (Squish down just a dab to squeeze out some PB)

    4. Roll the edges in the sprinkles!

    5. Eat up!!!

    They are the perfect for my toddlers and even my husband!! Fantastic! Thanks to pinterest!!!!

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