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    {Review} Why I’m So Special: A book about surrogacy & A book about surrogacy with two daddies

    Carla Lewis-Long is the author of two fabulous books that deal with surrogacy, Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy and Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy With Two Daddies“.  Both of these books cover a topic that can be quite complicated when trying to explain to a child how they were born, if born via surrogacy.  Carla explains surrogacy in a sweet and simple way that is easy for the youngest of children to understand.  There are no big words used, no scary terminology, and the illustrations by Jean-Claude Michel Jr.  and Tyler Simone Newman are bright, colorful, full of detail and add a special touch to the story.   “Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy” tells the story of a little girl whose parents are unable to carry a baby.  The parents go to a special doctor who gives them information about helpful and loving ladies who are willing to carry the baby for the mommy and daddy.  “Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy With Two Daddies” is a beautiful love story and shared journey of how two daddies fell in love and decided to have a baby.  Since daddies tummies are not made for babies, they needed to go to a special doctor to help them get their baby.  With the help of loving ladies, otherwise known as surrogates, the two daddies were able to have the family they always dreamed of.

    I believe that either of these books would make a great gift, or if you have had a child via surrogacy and are looking for a way to open the dialog explaining surrogacy, Carla Lewis-Long’s books are a definite must have for your at home library.  For more information visit

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