Rock N Learn Letter Sounds

Rock N Learn did it again!  They created a DVD that keeps kids intrigued with reading and learning through energetic music and games.  When I review something I want to make sure I really take time to know the product to provide an accurate review.  With a DVD such as, Letter Sounds by Rock N Learn I want to make sure there is learning actually going on.  Rest assured that I don’t just summarize the DVD the next day. I took some time with the Letter Sounds DVD.  My 3 year old and 5 year-old both watched the DVD on different occasions on their own and together to see what they thought.  My son was happy to do the Alphabet song, letter sounds, and sounding out the words—he even has a favorite character Festus.  However, with my 3 year-old son I had to break-up the DVD it is 62 minutes long.

Letter Sounds is a little more depth than the last DVD we reviewed Rock N Learn’s Sight Words.  This DVD was a better fit for my kindergartener she loved trying to beat the clock and swap the sounds.  She loves Rock N Learn Letter Sounds so much she asked if she could share it with her class.

If I had to nitpick the one thing that I did notice is that for the letter X the word used did not start with X but ended with X.  The other pictures or words all began with that particular alphabet. Example: A for Apple

Other than that, we enjoy the Letter Sounds DVD and we will keep using it to learn and improve reading skills.

What you will find on Letter Sounds

  • The New Alphabet Song
  • Learn the Sounds
  • Letter Sounds Quiz
  • Name That Letter!
  • Reading Words
  • Consonant Combinations
  • Spell It!
  • Swap the Sounds
  • Common Sight Words
  • Reading Sentences