Product Review: Re-Pac Reusable Bags

I must admit…I am officially addicted!  Who knew one could love a reusable bag or bags so much?  With having 3 kids, 2 of which take lunches to school (the oldest is far too old to be walking around with a lunch box of any kind…what would it do for her reputation being 13 and all?), as any parent knows, buying those plastic sandwich size bags are expensive over the course of one school year, not to mention what they do to our environment.  With trying to cut corners and expenses, this mama took the reusable bag challenge.  I was provided with the Re-Pac Reusable Bags as you see above, to test out and share my thoughts.  Well, I cannot honestly say enough about these bags.  I LOVE that it has a zipper which insures that sandwiches and snacks will not fall out…at all, and the quality is amazing!  I LOVE that they are easily washable and, here’s the kicker…”reusable”!  Then of course there is the styles and designs to choose from.  I LOVE that you can pick from a nice assortment of colors and patterns to suit your own particular style.  I LOVE that I am saving money, every day that I use my Re-Pac Reusable Bags, not to mention that I am doing my share to reduce waste, and that makes me one very happy mom!  One sandwich size bag costs $6.95, snack size $5.95 and quart size, $7.95 and they now have a gallon size bag for only $9.95.  They are mold-mildew-water-stain resistant inside and out and are dishwasher safe!  I was worried about the staining because my daughter uses mustard on her sandwiches and I was pleasantly surprised to see it wash right out!  I am so happy and pleased with the Re-Pac Reusable Bags that can honestly say,  I don’t have anything bad to say about this product!  If you are looking for a great quality reusable bag of any kind, visit Re-Pac Reusable Bags…it’s a must!  With baseball season right around the corner I’ll be sure to pick up a few more bags myself!  Thanks Re-Pac for making such a great product and opening my eyes to the reusable bag world!

One thought on “Product Review: Re-Pac Reusable Bags

  1. I purchased these bags on 4/6/13 in an effort to save the environment by using these bags rather than plastic baggies. After having only used them a few times one of the bags was stained by my food. I called the company approximately one month from my date of purchase to ask for assistance (to remove the stains or to get a new bag). Re-pac supposedly has a warranty on the product, however when I called they would not do anything to rectify the problem. They said that because I had put items in my bag that stained it, they were not responsible. I explained that having to limit using certain types of food with the product was not explained in the directions that came with the bag. In fact, I told the customer service representative that the only thing that came with the bag was a small piece of paper which said wash in the top rack of the dishwasher or the washing machine. The customer service rep. was rude and not at all empathic regarding my concerns. Initially, she said she would talk to the owner about possibly replacing my bag (which was all I was requesting), but after I followed up (the company never responded back), she said the owner was not going to do anything or take any kind of responsibility for the product. I am very dissatisfied with the customer service I received especially after I purchased so many bags ($40 worth) from the company and my request was to replace one bag that cost $8. I do not recommend this company. If you want to save the earth and recycle, I suggest Kidskonserve/Ukonserve at

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