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    Show Guest: Shell Mendelson, MS – Career Path Counselor

    Career planning, done right, is an experience in creating options and learning how to use ones preferences to create a career path. The goal is not to limit a teenager or young adult, but to teach them a process for collecting career information. This information is about themselves and the world of work. Career planning teaches older teens and young adults how to use that information to make decisions that will help them learn how to support themselves through a job they love.  Given that most of us will change careers at least three times in our lives, career planning provides the tools that will take them easily through any life transition.

    I began my career in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling in 1988 in Sacramento, CA, after earning a Masters Degree from San Francisco State University.  I specialized in creating job choices and career transitions for employees injured in the workplace through the Workers Compensation System.  Eventually, I transitioned into the area of Career Counseling, and in 1991, I continued my training with Career Master, Richard Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute, the foremost guide for Career Changers for the past thirty years.  I have been listed in his book for the past 18 years.  In the following years, I worked with individuals and groups utilizing the Bolles Method of Career Planning.  In 1998, inspired by my son and with concern that good school art programs were becoming less and less available, I made the decision to take action.    After moving to New Braunfels in 2000, I made yet another transition by starting a new creativity-based company that I was called upon to create, utilizing the career change methods I taught adults for many years.

    As an older mom with a love of art and entrepreneurial skills, I saw the need for art education outside the school systems where art programs were either limited or unavailable. For several years, with single-minded determination, I developed an art education franchise to fulfill the need where school programs were being eliminated throughout the country.  At the time, nothing else was available in the US.  The result was the formation of KidzArt (, a now international art education franchise with 60 plus franchisees in 29 states nationally and in over 8 countries internationally.  As a franchisor and CEO of the company, I learned valuable lessons in creating a profitable business model, coaching new business people in all areas of their operation, in franchising and bringing together high caliber professionals to develop a winning concept.   I also learned that ultimately, for me, franchising was not my true calling.

    After having spent over ten years developing KidzArt, I am again drawn back to the Career Counseling field with a renewed passion inspired by my sixteen year old son, to fulfill a much needed niche providing a personal service to help Older Teens and Young Adults identify their life’s work.  I also bring a wealth of business resources and education for budding entrepreneurs.  My philosophy is that it is never too early to get started in the process of identifying one’s life work – be it a college major with a complimentary minor, career direction , job hunt guidance following college graduation, or identification of good work with or without a degree.  There is a need on every level that I intend to fulfill.  I am excited to serve New Braunfels and its surrounding communities with excellent Career Planning services for Generation M (ages 15-28) and selected adult group – divorcing women and women returning to the workforce.  Here’s to your Journey!

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