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    The Great State Fair of Texas

    It’s that time of year once again where the hot weather is gone, finally, pumpkins are everywhere and leaves are turning a crisp orange and red. It’s fall and usually that means the start of football and the start of The State Fair of Texas.

    Each and every year for 4 weeks in September/October vendors, exhibits, food innovators, rides, games, concerts, livestock, and more travel from around the country and set up shop in the greatest state fair around. The fair is the perfect place to taste the areas best homemade pies, purchase locally made and grown foods, watch a cooking demonstration, see all the new cars and trucks for the upcoming year, pet and feed a giraffe, camel, and goat all in the same location!

    There are museums, exhibits, showcases, arts and crafts contests, livestock auctions, petting zoo, and lots and lots of food!! Fried food to be exact. After all it is Texas! Fried bacon, fried snickers, fried Thanksgiving dinner! You name it, it has probably been fried and sold at the fair.

    We, of course, visit each year and the boys love it. We usually head to the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit. Kids learn all the ins and outs of working on a farm. The get to pick apples from the orchard, milk the cow, gather eggs from the chicken, round up the wool from the sheep, and plant the seeds in the garden all while feeding the animals in the process. At the end of they exchange their food for money at the grocery store and get to purchase an item from the general store. Don’t worry, it’s all pretend with fake food and animals but the kids love it! The event was closed when we went this year due to rain, but have enjoyed it many times in the past.

    (Photo from 2012)

    (Photo from 2010)

    After the farm visit we head to the real farm animals and pet and feed the cows, goats, and even the giraffe.

    Superman made an appearance this year. Well, his suit did anyway.

     FRIED BACON! It’s not really as good as it sounds, but still tasty.

     The fair is famous for it’s Fletchers Corn Dogs. They are so yummy and we never forget to chow down on a few. Of course served with mustard.

    We attend the fair each and every year and have taken the boys since they were born. They look forward to it and now that they are older they can really enjoy it. Even though it was a rain evening here we managed to have a good time. The boys went through 3 fun houses, road countless rides, and even won a minion!

    If you are ever in the Dallas area in late September or early October, be sure to check out The State Fair of Texas, you will not be disappointed.

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