Nail Art, Now This is Cool!

I’ve always wanted to have nice, strong, long nails that I could paint all pretty but that wasn’t my luck.  I have short, stubby lil nails that never seem to grow and when they do, they look like witch nails all bent and shaped weird!

Nail Artist and On-Set Manicurist, 26-year-old Madeline Poole for Teen Vogue magazine has got to have one of the coolest jobs ever.   She arrives on set with her huge, and I mean, huge manicure kit and as many different colors as she can carry!  She is a self-taught nail artist that takes you behind the scenes as she works on prepping celebrities’ nails for amazing fashion photo shoots.  Her portfolio is amazing and her designs are even more amazing!

Take a look for yourself and don’t forget to share with your teen!


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