Topgolf is entertainment for the whole family!

Just before Father’s Day, I had asked my dad what he wanted to do.  At first, he suggested a picnic where everyone brought their own food and things that they wanted to do so that no one had to do any cleaning or cooking.  Sounded good, but then I suggested Topgolf.  Topgolf is a three-floor outdoor driving range filled with fun for the whole family.  I just figured it would be a great place to visit where everyone would have fun, including myself and my kids.  It was really a no-brainer.  My dad and husband both thought it would be a great way to spend their special day.

Topgolf - Entertainment for the whole family


Disclosure – we were given the opportunity to visit Topgolf as a way to facilitate this post.  All thoughts and views are mine and mine alone.

The facility was about 30 minutes away from me which wasn’t too bad.  It was a nice day, blue skies and white puffy clouds were seen for miles.  My husband hurt his back earlier in the week and was bummed that he wouldn’t be able to swing a golf club to fully enjoy the experience.  I was bummed too but we were all together which is rare these days with a busy college/working child and two other teenagers, one with a very active social life….the other, well, if you want to call “gaming” a social experience, then so be it, he’s social too.  

Topgolf for the win!

It was very busy inside, but it looked super cool and I really just was taking in my surroundings.  To the left of the entrance was a bar & eating area and to the right were the stairs that either took you to the lower/ground level or upstairs to the third floor.  There is also a little area where you can purchase hats, shirts, and other golf related items.

Topgolf Concierge and Bar Area



Just waiting at Topgolf

Gianna was anxiously waiting for the host to direct us to our bay.  In the meantime, we took a peek on the ground level and saw that there was a small game area where you could play pool, Foose Ball and an area for younger kids.  There was also another eating area for guests.

topgolf game room area


If you’re a fan of TV screens, there are lots of those too!  

Topgolf entry way


We arrive at Topgolf at our scheduled time and are shown to our “bay”.  The bay was on the top floor, the third floor.  It was a bit scary at first because there really isn’t anything there to prevent you from falling three stories down.  We listened to our instructions and then I gave my kids the “mom” version of the instructions.  Basically, it was, “If you don’t pay attention, you’ll fall to your death so don’t act like an idiot”.  They responded with a few eye rolls and a sarcastic “We know mom” reply.  Once we cleared up all the dangers, we got ourselves set up and started to swing!

Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

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Everyone was having a blast.  Even though my husband was hurting, he couldn’t help himself from taking a few swings.  I think being there, in that moment, he had forgotten about his back hurting…(until the next day lol).   I even had a great time swinging.  We had our own little friendly competition and the kids were crushing it!  I had no idea they even that those mad golf skills!  All those miniature golfing outings years prior must have taught them a thing or two!  I tried to keep thinking that we were making memories.  We laughed, we had fun, and more importantly, we enjoyed each others company.  That was priceless!

Time for Photo Memories!

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In the midst of our massive golf competition, we had to eat.  We worked up an appetite and before I knew it, everyone had inhaled their food.  I was lucky to grab the few photos I did of their delicious food options!  Apparently, the kids really enjoyed their cookie smores because the two older kids took their own photos!  The food was moderately priced and for it Father’s Day, it was still very affordable.

Enjoy Your Food!

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As you can see, it’s pretty clear, that everyone enjoyed their time at Topgolf in Naperville, Illinois.  It isn’t just a place to go and take dad for Father’s Day.  It’s a place that you can go any time, any day and spend some quality family time or with a group of friends to unwind, have fun and relax.  It’s a place that you can go to for work or play.  I will definitely be back.  My kids will definitely be back.  And, I can guarantee, my husband will be back!

Topgolf, we will be back!

Saying goodbye for now to Topgolf

If you would like to schedule your visit to Topgolf, visit their website to find a location closest to you.  It’s most definately worth the visit!