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    Weight Watchers NEW Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss {Review}

    Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss

    Have you seen these yet?  I stumbled upon them at my local WalMart and seeing that I am trying to lose weight, I figured I’d give them a try.  If there is one thing I love, it’s peanut butter and chocolate…and brownies so how bad could they really be?  This is coming from a girl who, all during High School and shortly there after lived off of peanut butter cups for breakfast!  I thought, finally, I can enjoy my chocolate and peanut butter and not have to consume so many unwanted calories.

    Let me tell you, the Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss treats are only 90 calories and 0 grams of trans fat.  They are bite sized and perfect for a little treat {or in my case, breakfast}, and they are only 2 Points Plus to boot!  But the real question is, how do they taste?


    These little guys are DELICIOUS!!!  I would never have thought that they were as some may put it, a “diet” food.  They are only about {maybe} 2″ long by {maybe} 1″, but they pack a nice punch.  The peanut butter tastes like peanut butter, the chocolate tastes like chocolate and the brownie tastes like a brownie.  All this rolled up into exactly what it says… BLISS!  Now every morning, this non-breakfast eater by habit has started eating ONE Weight Watcher Brownie Bliss treat with a small glass of milk and I can start my day with a smile.  I know, it isn’t the “best” way to start the day, but I’m taking baby steps and for me to even eat this, that is a huge improvement to eating nothing at all!

    They are a bit pricy for my liking, {approximately} $3.00 a box and you only get 6, but they are yummy and I’ll probably continue to buy them.

    I was not provided anything in return for this friendly review.  I did purchase this product to test and review.

    It has received my “Verified & Approved” seal of approval!



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