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    Well, hello breathe spray… Homecoming Prep #3

    Being Prepared!

    There is nothing worse than going to Homecoming with nasty breath, it’s the truth, right? When we learned about hello breath sprays, we just had to give them a test and see, just how fresh are they? We were sent a few of the flavors to taste test.

    When we received the Hello products, I was impressed by their fun shape and bright colors.  I mean, look how cute they are!  When I removed them from their cute packaging, they were very easy to use, simply twist-to-lock and unlock this way you don’t accidentally spray the items in your handbag or pockets! No caps to mess with and lose! {Love that}

    Lets get to the tastiness of these lil guys. We tasted Pink Grapefruit Mint, Mojito Mint, and Supermint. It also comes in Sweet Cinnamint. Out of the three flavors we tested, we ranked them #1 Mojito Mint, #2 Supermint, #3 Pink Grapefruit Mint. We enjoyed the Mojito Mint the best because it was minty but not overpoweringly minty. It was just the right amount of flavor. The Supermint was really good too. I personally was not a big fan of the Pink Grapefruit Mint. Not sure, but it could be that I just don’t like grapefruit, lol? We did like however that the hello breath sprays are 99% natural. They do not contain alcohol, artificial colors, or chemicals, and they are never tested on animals! {Love that too} I feel good letting my children use this product.
    You know what…after Homecoming, these would make GREAT stocking stuffers this holiday season! I’ll have to remember that!

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