What do you think about sharing Breast Milk?

Alicia Silverstone is in the news again for her Kind Mama Milk Share.  In a post on her blog The Kind Life, Silverstone, encouraged her readers to leave comments on her blog if they were interested to share breast milk.

{The Kind Life}

Silverstone had a friend who could not produce enough milk for her child because of a previous breast reduction, while looking for donors (at milk banks) who lived a similar ‘clean’ life she found it hard. The discussion with Silverstone’s friend sparked an idea of a grassroots milk-share amongst The Kind Life readership, which has people wondering is this safe?  At the moment there are 99 comments mostly encouraging, and women bonding to help out other women in the breastfeeding struggle.  What are your thoughts– is this an over-share or is this a beautiful empowering mommy collaboration?