Wine + Cookies= Cookies&Corks

Okay I’m going to admit this here and now I LOVE COOKIES! So, naturally when I was approached to review Cookies & Corks I was happy and I just could not resist.  I’m so glad Cookies & Corks found me because I have found one of my newest favorite cookies Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal! I received the Sparkling Wine Pairing Box this box consists of cookies that are best paired with sparkling wine.

And this is where I may shock you… I don’t drink WINE!  I know it’s crazy, but I just never liked the taste of wine.  I always say wine looks yummy, but for some reason it just is not for me.  Even though I do not drink wine, I can see how the cookies pair perfectly with wine, the taste of the cookies will not be overwhelmed by wine or coffee.  I actually enjoyed my new favorite (Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal) with coffee and the two were a perfect pair!  The zesty lemon was great; my daughter is in love with all things lemon– the lemon cookie made her day.  The Parmesan thyme is a savory cookie that would be great for party appetizers paired with your favorite sparkling wine.

I enjoy that on each box of  Cookies & Corks  they give you the perfect pairing guide, which takes the guesswork out of it for you.  With spring time events and summer get-togethers coming up these cookies paired with wine will be great.  Besides the wine pairing guide, the quality of the cookie is what truly impresses me.  Cookies & Corks are delicious natural gourmet cookies handcrafted using unique ingredients.  There are 3 different pairing boxes to choose from Red Wine Pairing Box, White Wine Pairing Box, and of course the Sparkling Wine Pairing Box, each box comes with 3 different flavors (5 of each).  Each cookie flavor can be bought in a single flavor box as well.  We would love to know what box you try.