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    Opening Day is 14 days away!

    I have mixed feelings about the start of travel baseball season. On one hand, I love watching my son and I love being outside on nice days…but, I am not fond of spending all my weekends at a ball field, especially since I have two other children to think about. I have issues as a parent on how to prevent the guilty feelings when I start to think I won’t be attending one or two…or three games. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I do have two other children and that their needs and wants are also being fulfilled during baseball season.  The start of our season is the first week of April and we have tournaments just about every weekend from then until mid-July…and on all the major holidays.  Not only do we have baseball to contend with, but we have two kids taking their First Communions, and our oldest will be graduating 8th grade.  Talk about craziness!  I have decide to dedicate the weekdays to my girls.  If they want to go to the pool or go shopping, then that is what we shall do.  I am going to separate my time during the week to the other two so all three kids have equal time to do something that they enjoy this summer…and that leaves ONE day for MOM to do what mom likes!  Peace and quiet!

    Do you have children in sports?  How do you balance your life with having them in sports?   Do you really enjoy all the running around to fields and games for what seems like 24/7?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any sanity travel sport tips, please share!

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