You Can Be A BuffMother Too!

Michelle Berger (aka BuffMother) is truly a revolutionary in the field of women’s psychology and fitness.

Between 1999 and 2003 she had 4 children including twins by C-section.  Then, in 2004 she did what many considered to be impossible. She changed roughly 11,000 diapers, washed approximately 6200 bottles, slept 3 hours a night… and WON 5 FIGURES TITLES!  The ravages of caring for a family of 6, forced her to invent a faster, more powerful way to conquer life’s challenges and get into her best physical shape ever. She calls it Hormonal Timing and says it works by harnessing the power of a woman’s Natural Hormonal cycle to create dramatic changes.

Her story has inspired thousands of women and helped them believe that anything is possible if they live a “Hormonal Timing” Lifestyle.  This mentality has sparked a new trend among mothers who are eager to shed the “Soccer Mom” label.  According to Michelle, “Hormonal Timing goes way beyond fitness. You can be an awesome mother and still be HOT!” Michelle is on a mission to show every busy woman that Hormonal Timing is the shortest distance between who you are, and who you want to become!

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