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    10 Holiday Bucket List Ideas You Will Love!

    Do you like creating lists? How about bucket lists? Do you have one? What about a holiday bucket list? Have one of those? I have always admired those who are list makers. That, however, is just not me. I struggle with making lists. I have every intention of crossing things off my lists, but one thing leads to another, and before I know it my time is up and my list is still pages long! But, this year, it’s different. I plan on tackling this list head on! Get ready because here are 10-holiday bucket list ideas you will love!

    10 Holiday Bucket List Ideas You Will Love

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    1. Visit The Morton Arboretum and the Champion of Trees in Lisle, Illinois!  The Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum is a beautiful and interactive way to see trees in a different light.  From the pictures I’ve seen, this event is spectacular and a must-have to see here in the Chicagoland area.  This is a MUST-HAVE for us here!  
    2. Build an outdoor igloo!  Last year we compiled some of the snow in our backyard and made a small sled hill.  This year I want to expand upon it and create an igloo with a bigger sled hill!  I am guessing it will take a great portion of the snow we have in our backyard to make this masterpiece come to life.  Of course, it has to snow first.  (But, I’m ok if it never snows here again.)
    3. Learn how to knit!  Make this a small task because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.  This may take longer than the holiday season, but it would be super fun to try and knit an ornament for someone you love.  Watch out kids, mama’s gonna knit you a special treat this year!
    4. A massive indoor snowball fight!  I found this awesome indoor snowball fight kit and thought it would be perfect to give to the kids on Christmas morning.  We had some similar years ago and only have about 3 snowballs left, which doesn’t make for a fun snowball fight, but armed with a couple handfuls you can really do some damage!  The best part is, they won’t do damage to your house!
    5. Buy some fancy holiday paper and handwrite a letter to a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time.  Don’t be lazy and stick it in your printer, actually find a really nice flowing pen and start writing!  There is nothing better than receiving a hand-written letter from a friend and you know it!
    6. Take a little time and enjoy YOU!  During the holidays it’s very easy to get side tracked and forget to take care of yourself.  Plan a nice afternoon or evening and fill the tub up with some warm water, drop in your favorite bath bomb (maybe from LUSH!), grab that book you forgot you were reading and sink yourself into the warmth on a cold night.  You need some time to unwind, don’t you?
    7. Donate a toy or gently used coat to your local toy/coat drive or you can donate your time at the local food bank.  There is nothing better that giving back during the holiday season!  I just cleaned out our coat closet and my kids school is hosting a coat drive this month.  I know where 5 coats will be headed this winter!
    8. Make your own Peppermint Ice Cream!  During the holidays I love peppermint ice cream so I am going to either create my own recipe or try and find one to make (using my trusty Pinterest account).  My kids aren’t really big fans of peppermint, so I may try to make a hot cocoa with marshmallow one for them!  Of course, I’ll be using my Kitchenaid Mixer and Ice Cream attachment for this project!
    9. Play board games with a fire!  That’s right! Whip out the good old board games and have some fun!  Lately, my kids have been fixated on board games and I never thought I’d see the day!  I am planning a holiday family game night where we will play games like Connect Four, The Game of Life, and Sorry!  I am going to add some indoor smores and we can roast marshmallows on the open fire and toast to the holiday season with some hot cocoa!
    10. And last but certainly not least, make a gratitude list.  Give a piece of paper to each family member and have them write down things that they are grateful for this holiday season.  You can even get really creative and draw a picture of your family doing something that they love together.  It’s nice to remember that even though life gets busy during the holidays, it’s always best to be grateful for all you have and all you are able to do, sometimes you just need a little reminder.
    Holiday Bucket List Ideas You Will Love!

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    Thanks for reading!
    Thanks for reading!



    1. It may not be board games but my sister and I love to do jigsaw puzzles around the fire. It is so fun and relaxing. I really liked the fact you mentioned to take time for ones self. It seems holidays we spend so much time caring for others. Self care is so important and often overlooked!

    2. I love love love lists! Bucket lists included! Your idea about making peppermint ice cream is GENIUS! I recently started making tons of ice creams with my ice cream machine so I gotta try out this festive flavor. Thanks for the tip!

    3. I’ve been trying to learn how to Knit since I turned 13 years back.
      I think I’d definitely pick it up again this holiday, I’m feeling pretty optimistic .
      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    4. I love your bucket list! My family and I made an igloo when I was a kid. I loved it! I am going to look into the indoor snowball fight kit. I live in Tucson where we very rarely get snow.

    5. This is great! I’ve never heard of a holiday bucket list before. My items would be go to the Parade of Lights and make home made gnocci’s. MMM

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