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    Family Dynamics and Traditions: #StreamTeam

    When it comes to family dynamics and traditions it makes me laugh because we don’t have very many traditions as a family because we are far from traditional.  I recently asked my children if they warn their friends or if they have a descriptive word that best suits our family and if so, what is it?  I had already figured out what each of the kids would say, but I wanted to hear it from them first.

    Family Dynamics: Cozy Nights, Oversharing & Affectionate

    The kids warn their friends before they come over that we are…get this…”weird”.  SMH weird.  We are SO weird it’s a riot fest at our house.  I personally love our family dynamics.  We are a mix of so many things and it’s, quite frankly, great.  I asked them each what their friends think of after they meet us.  Are we still “weird” to them?  No, it turns out that we are so loved!  Their friends love Gianna and think she is just super funny, which is very accurate.  They hardly know that the girls have a brother because he’s never around, well, spends most of his time in his room playing video games.  Then there is me.  Turns out, they love me.  It’s clearly because I’m extremely cool and always good for a laugh when needed, or if it is required to be more serious, they know I respect them and their privacy so they can tell me just about anything.  Then there’s my cooking.  I make a pizza to die for…and chocolate chip cookies.  I’m convinced they love me because I feed them.  

    Cozy Nights, Oversharing, and Affectionate

    After talking to my kids, it’s clear to me that we are a family that loves to cozy up to each other to watch our favorite shows, we totally overshare (and pretty much have to shame), and we show affection which is extremely important to me especially has the kids get older.

    When I heard that the Gilmore Girls was coming out with their “A Year in the Life”, I knew I was going to spend my time watching it with my daughter.  I once referred to us as the modern day Gilmore Girls because, really, my life mirrors the relationship Lorelai has with Rory.  You can read all about that here.  I was super stoked that Netflix sent me this uber cool #DateNightWithMom package!  We cozied up on the couch this past Friday and binge watched all four seasons of the show.  It had it’s ups and downs, as in life, but overall, it left us like :O 

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    Had my #datenightwithmom last night watching @gilmoregirls on @netflix

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    SO….when you think of your own family dynamics, which Netflix show do you pair up with best?

    If you’re the family that appreciates a cozy night in like the Gilmores

    Gilmore-Girls logo

    Reserve the couch and grab the comfy blanket for: The Little Prince, New Girl, The Little Rascals.

    If you’re the family that tends to overshare like the Bluths

    Arrested-Development v3

    Put on your earmuffs and dive into the craziness of: Haters Back Off, The Ranch, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

    If you’re the family that always shows affection like the Fullers

    Fuller House logo

    If you’re the family that is known for being just a little eclectic like the Byers….

    Stranger-Things logo

    Embrace the weird with: The Addams Family, Corpse Bride, Practical Magic.

    If you’re the family that respects a good dance party like the Kiplings

    The-Get-Down logo

    Let me know below which Netflix family yours relates to the most….




    1. I don’t know if I could pick a TV family we’re most like! I do know when I was a teenager my house was the house all of my friends went to and I think it was because I came from by far the most stable home and my friends loved the environment. And my parents fed them!

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