What I Learned While Wearing An Activity Tracker

…And, What You Don’t Know About Striiv Fusion Activity Tracker


Striiv Fusion Activity Tracker


I’ve seen a lot of people walking around with their cute little fitness bands on and I wished I could understand what the big deal was with wearing one.  I remember when one brand came out with theirs and how everyone rushed to get theirs.  Everyone but me.  The reason I didn’t rush out to get mine was because I didn’t really think they did anything to benefit you.  I remember seeing it and wondering what the big deal was, all you saw were dots.  How can seeing dots make you want to exercise?  How can seeing dots motivate you to move?  I just…didn’t…get it.


It wasn’t until I was able to receive the Striiv Fusion to test out and review that I really understood what the activity tracking hype was all about.  I recently started Weight Watchers {I just joined again last Wednesday}, so you know I have some weight to lose.  That being said, it was time that I got real about my activity level.  I mean, if I was going to lose weight and try to live a healthy lifestyle, I have to get up and get moving.  So when I was offered the opportunity to test the Striiv Fusion, I had to do it, for no one else but for myself.  


Striiv Fusion Package Contents


My results of this review exceeded my expectations.  I absolutely LOVE my Striiv Fusion activity band!  I mean, I really, really love it.  When I first received the activity tracker it was super simple to set up.  It comes with a little USB cord that connects your tracker to the computer or USB outlet to charge, charging adapter {it’s what I call it anyway}, three different colored interchangeable bands, and the tracker.  How do you set it up?  Just plug the USB into your computer or USB outlet, connected to the charging adapter and that then snaps into your tracker.  Let it charge for 90 minutes.  After it’s done charging you’ll receive a code consisting of numbers and letters.  You’ll need to write that down so you don’t forget it.  While your activity tracker is charging you can download the Striiv app that is available for Android or Apple.  You are given a link to get started and all you do is follow the very easy, step by step directions and before you know it, you’re on your walking way!


And now, the fun begins.  At first, I was very surprised that I don’t walk as much as I thought I did.  In fact, it’s quite pathetic really.  I think the first day I had like 1100 steps.  Ick!  I mean, look…this was day two after challenging myself some more!  Still…ick!  I tell you, I am so happy that I have this tracker now because it really has opened my eyes to how little activity that I get and how much I need to work to get to a healthy, strong end of the day number, and it isn’t as easy as you’d think.  This little gadget tracks total steps, total sleep, total calories, total time, total miles and you can also chat with friends and create a “walkathon”.


My Striiv Fusion Product Review


Since I have this now, I am more aware of what I need to do and I am constantly pushing myself.  The other good thing about the Striiv Fusion is that you can connect with family or friends who also have the Striiv Fusion activity tracker.  By having others there to help motivate and challenge you, it does make a difference.  I really want to kick some walking booty!  So one of my friends {name is blocked out for privacy} kept taunting me all day via text and I kept checking in to see where I ranked.  I ranked in the bottom for most of the day and when I noticed my friend had stopped going up, that’s when I kicked it into high gear and forced myself to step it up {no pun intended lol}.  I walked in place until I beat their total.  It was rewarding knowing I ended the day on top!  I also have a friend, Lauren from Working Mom Magic who is also giving the Striiv Fusion a test who I am also watching closely!  I didn’t realize just how competitive I was until I started wearing the activity tracker.


Striiv Fusion Competition

The Striiv app also has a really cute game you can play where you get to create a mystical land. You get to collect money {harvest coins}, buy bushes, flowers, trees, houses, dragons and fairies and you can expand your land! I love collecting my coins!!  I just bought my own red fairy too! 🙂


The other reason I love the Striiv Fusion is the Sleep tracker.  Again, it was rather eye opening.  Here you think you are sleeping sound when you’re really not.  I was amazed with how little “good” sleep I get and how many times I get restless throughout the night.  In the photo below you’ll see the light blue lines are when I am restless and the darker blue area is when I am asleep.  It then breaks it down to exactly how many hours of sleep you are getting.  I’m not getting as much as I should, that’s for sure!  


Striiv Fusion sleep tracker and monitor


I am making more of a conscious effort to get more sleep…except for tonight! LOL  But that aside, last night my daughter was camping for the first time by herself with her friends and there were some pretty heavy storms where she was so I was on edge which is why it looks worse.  The stress of worrying about your child…who knew it was that bad when you are sleeping?


Another GREAT thing about this product is that it displays notifications.  It connects to your social media so you are can receive notifications of tweets, Facebook mentions, etc…  It also displays the date and time along with many other awesome features.  The thing I am most grateful for is the phone notifications.  What happened today is a prime example of why I love it.  I was at work and am unable to see my phone for a period of time.  During that time where I didn’t have access to my phone, my activity tracker vibrated and I looked down at it.  When I looked, I saw my sons school was calling.  Of course, I freaked because the school never calls unless there’s a problem.  I missed the call but was able to quickly call them back.  It turned out he was injured during gym class and I had to go and get him.  If I hadn’t seen that on my activity tracker, two hours would have gone by where I wouldn’t have been able to get to him.  He was playing basketball and three of his fingers were bent backwards resulting in three sprained/strained fingers and hand.  Thank you Striiv Fusion for your AWESOME display screen!!!


sprained hand and fingers


The only issue I have with the Striiv Fusion is that it is side ways.  It’s not that huge of a deal but the display screen is oblong so I am constantly tilting my head to see what the numbers say.  But again, that might just be my own personal gripe, but it is something I can definitely live with.


So, moms out there reading this, put the Striiv Fusion on your Mothers Day wish list and hurry too!  If you act now, you’ll receive an extra 20% off by using the code MOM2015.  It’s only good through May 11th, 2015 so hurry, don’t wait!  You’ll be so happy you made the investment.  It has been a huge game changer in my life for the short amount of time I’ve had it.  I can tell it is really going to help me in my quest to living a better, healthier lifestyle and I can’t wait to reach all my diet and fitness goals, one step at a time!








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  1. I wasn’t sure what all the hype was with these fitness trackers, but this one sounds great. My phone tracks my steps, but I don’t walk around my house holding it everywhere so it doesn’t track all of my movement. Plus that feature about how much sleep you get sounds awesome! Maybe I’ll be more inclined to try it out.

  2. It’s so neat to see your thoughts on this. I think the same thing when I see people wearing fitness bands, like what is that really doing to push you to exercise more? But your review of this makes total sense:)

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