Penny Longboards Are Top Notch

Skateboarders Take Notice of Penny’s Skateboards and Longboards!

I’m going to just jump out and say it.  I am impressed with Penny Skateboards and Longboards!  My daughter, Gianna loves to skate.  She has many different skateboards and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  When I had the opportunity to review the Penny Longboard, I knew who was going to be my “tester”, and needless to say, she was quite excited to check it out.  Granted, she is 11 so I’m sure there are plenty of well-skilled skateboarders out there that can do circles around her, but I am basing this review off of what my child thinks about the product and of course, I’ll be looking at key elements as to what makes this product impress me the most.

Penny Skateboard & Longboard Review


First, lets take a look at its length.  The Penny Longboard measures 36″ long and 9.5″ wide, which when put into perspective, a regular skateboard typically will have a deck size anywhere from 28-32″ long.  This however is a Longboard which you can tell by its name that it is going to be “long”er than your regular skateboard.  Longboards are used mostly for cruising, downhill and as a means for transportation.  For G, it’s a means for exercise and activity.   You can see in the photo above, the Penny Longboard stand pretty tall in comparison to my almost 5′ daughter.

Check out this big bad boy!  The Penny Longboard is made using a unique, ultra-strong plastic design and has extra large wheels.  This makes for a smooth, stable, relaxing and well-controlled cruise that even a mom can master!  {Yes, I too had to try it….but I won’t scare you with those photos!}  That is the first thing that G said was how smooth the ride was and that she could actually make turns without getting stuck along the way.  The key factor that I loved the most was the Penny Longboards quality.  As a parent, that is one thing that I look for the most when selecting a product that my kids will be using, its quality and durability.  Penny Longboards far exceeded my expectations where quality and durability was concerned.  We have many skateboards and small penny boards and some haven’t lasted the test of time, but I can honestly say that the Penny Longboard will be around for quite some time and that makes me happy to know that it will get plenty of use and G will get plenty of exercise! 

She loves to push boundries (which may end up haunting me at some point) so you see she is trying to do a few tricks which was harder than she thought. 

Before I get to the juicy video G and I did, I want to share some additional information about the Penny Longboard.  The Penny Longboard comes in 6 different colors, Gray, Blue, Rasta, Royal Blue, Glow and Mint.  Each longboard/skateboard features a waffle top non-slip deck with added textural grip for enhanced control.  Each Penny Longboard retails for $159.99 and you can find all the specs on their website  The company also carries 22″ & 27″ skateboards in a wide variety of colors and styles.  You can even do a 3D customization of your skateboard or longboard for an even more personalized look!  No matter which option you go with, you will love this product and appreciate its amazing quality and functionality!








4 thoughts on “Penny Longboards Are Top Notch

  1. Oh my goodness!~ This looks awesome! My son has been begging me for one of the small penny boards… I am glad to see they are good quality boards… thanks for the great review!

    1. Thanks Lauren. If you are looking for quality, this definitely has met that criteria! Good luck finding the right board for your son! Gianna has a small penny board that we got at Walmart I think but this brand far exceeds the others.

  2. It’s great to see someone actually recommending a quality longboard! A lot of times people like to skimp and get those cheapo Walmart longboards/skateboards, but it’s just not worth it and you might even be putting yourself/your kids at risk. The cheap boards break easily, the wheels can lock up, and they have all kinds of other problems. If you’re gonna send your kid out to do something where they can potentially break an arm, at least get them a nice board!

    1. Thanks Charlie! I agree completely! You get what you pay for and unfortunately, some a lot of products are just not made with true quality in mind.

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