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    10 Holiday Random Acts of Kindness #MerryBlogmas Style

    Give the Gift of Kindness

    I like to think that when I interact with people I meet while out and about that I in some way leave them feeling special.  I am always the one who is talking and initiating conversation whether it be with the bank teller, the cashier at the store, or someone I am on the phone with.  This time of the year is especially hard.  It’s when we think most of those we no longer have with us here on Earth.  It is the time of the year that we reflect on the last 12 months and are grateful for those people we have in our lives now.  It’s the time of year that is the hardest.  It’s hard for those with illnesses and can’t be there the way they want to for their families.  It’s hard for those who are down on their luck, out of a job, homeless, missing their family, can’t afford to give gifts like they would like, and it’s hard for those who struggle day to day just to get past the day.  This time of year it’s even more important to show little random acts of kindness.  I know it’s hard because my family is going through some tough and trying times, but every day I put on a smile and do my best to get through the day without breaking down.  I get through the day by being the best person I can be to others which is why I love chatting it up with people.  I want them to feel a teeny tiny ounce of warmth and even for just a moment, feel special.  There are so many ways to touch someone else’s spirit this time of year.  I, being in a “down and out” situation have come up with a little list of things people can do to make others feel special, because you never know who’s heart you will life up at any given moment.   These ideas are in no special order…just thought of them randomly and listed them as they came to me.


    Random Acts of Christmas Kindness #MerryBlogMas



    10.  Smile and say “hello, how are you?”.

    9.    Leave little positive notes reminding people of how special they are.  An example of this would be to leave little post it notes on the back of bathroom stall doors, on mirrors in stores, or on clothing racks or shelves.  You’d be surprised how a random note saying, “You Are Loved” is received by an unsuspecting soul.

    8.    The famous, paying for the persons meal or coffee in the line behind you.

    7.    Offering to help wrap presents for elderly neighbors, friends or family.  Wrapping is fun!

    6.    Pick a child’s name off of their schools giving or caring tree.  I’ve been on both sides of this and it really is a great way to make a child and/or a family feel the spirit of giving and receiving.

    5.    Create a big gift basket of your child’s old books and donate them to your child’s school.  Imagine how many kids have touched and read those books.  You can leave little inspirational messages inside for all the new readers!

    4.    Volunteer at a local food pantry.  Families {in all types of situations} need help feeding their children.  Make them feel special and donate your time to help by making them feel special.  Imagine how hard it is to set aside pride and accept food from others.  It’s humbling.

    3.    Send a letter to a soldier.  I can’t even imagine how hard this one is and it is something that my children will be doing this year for the first time.  I wrote one many years ago and I still have his letter.  The joy he shared in receiving my letter spoke volumes in his words of thanks.

    2.    Donate food and/or time to animal shelters.  There are so many shelters that would love to receive your donations, even a food pantry would appreciate it!  Think of all the poor animals without homes and those with home where there are financial strains.  Help a struggling neighbor or friend who could appreciate a pet food donation!

    1.    Share a “feel-good” playlist.  My daughter did this for me because she knows I’ve been struggling with things lately and she just wanted to remind me that there are things to be happy about and the list of songs are ones that she listens to when she’s feeling down.  There was no greater feeling that receiving that list at that very moment.


    *Of course, there is one bonus random act of kindness that you can do right now!  Leave a nice comment for me below – I’d love to hear how you have participated in some random acts of kindness.


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    1. I know it sounds stupid, but I have become rather socially awkward and have trouble randomly reaching out to people. Aside from awkwardly holding doors open for strangers and smiling embarrassingly large when I make eye contact with people, I don’t know what kind of kindness I show.

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