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    20 Words That Describe Me #AprilBlogADayChallenge

    20 Words That Describe Me

    20 Words That Describe Me #AprilBlogADayChallenge

    When you actually have to sit down and think about what words describe you, it’s a lot harder than you would think. I start thinking of a word, then I start to second guess myself and toss that word aside. So to get me to 20 was very challenging itself. I did enlist the help of my kids and they were a big help actually. Plus, it was nice to hear what they think of their good ‘ole mom. So without further hesitation, here are 20 words that best describe me:

    • Caring
    • Sensitive
    • Helpful
    • Loving
    • Funny
    • Positive
    • Friendly
    • Outgoing
    • Genuine
    • Giving
    • Practical
    • Smart
    • Anxious
    • Creative
    • Dependable
    • Impatient
    • Easygoing
    • Passionate
    • Reserved
    • Hard-Working

    I didn’t list them in any special order, nor am I sharing who said I was what, but I have to say, it is a pretty impressive list of adjectives that best describe me.  The last one is my favorite and it makes me proud to know that others think that as well.  I am a very caring person.  Sometimes I am too caring of others and not so caring of myself.  It’s one thing my mom had always told me to do and one thing that I have never been able to figure out.  She said that I need to take better care of me so that I can be a better caretaker to those around me that need me.  I rarely take time to do something that makes me happy or that makes me feel better {like exercise or meditate}.  I need to keep trying to convince myself to be a little bit selfish in that respect.  I look at my husband and he comes and goes as he pleases and it always doing things for himself.  Then there’s me.  I usually don’t go out to exercise {and I really need to lose 60 pounds for health reasons} and I’m sure it’s all excuses, but I am always running from one end of town to the other taking a kid here or there.  How does one become selfish when they’ve never been selfish before?    Would you consider taking care of yourself as being selfish to your self?  Maybe I should be a bit more hard-working in that area, or creative?  Somehow that makes me anxious! 😛  But, being practical, I know it is something that I really need to figure out because I really do need to feel better.  I sort of feel like I’m stuck in a rut and I’ve been trying to claw my way back to freedom and I just keep going deeper into the black hole of my existence.  Sounds depressing and I don’t mean to be, but I feel as if I am the only one I’ve got.  I’m dependable, but I can’t depend on myself to get the basics done.  Weird…this 20 word list.  Now that I wrote it all out, I am starting to second guess myself again!

    Well, I’ll ponder this while I walk on my treadmill for a bit.  It’s time for me to be sensitive to my own needs and start taking better care of myself! 🙂



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