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    What Makes Me Smile – #AprilBlogADayChallenge Day 1

    #AprilBlogADayChallenge – Day 1


    So, I had this bright idea to take part in a blog challenge.  Not just any old blog challenge, one that you are to post once a day following certain blog prompts.  Today is the first day and while I am a bit excited, I’m also a bit nervous.  I’m primarily nervous because I am not sure if I can take on the task of posting daily, but I will try my damnedest to do it!

    What’s the first post all about?  Something that makes me happy.  I actually had to think long about what it is that really makes me happy.  Most people might say, their kids, their significant others, or even an object of some sort.  For me, what really makes me happy is the late night silence that blankets my house.  I am a night owl, so for me, I treasure being up late at night working, dreaming, or just vegging out on the couch with a good movie on Netflix.  I enjoy hearing the stillness that the quiet delivers.  It makes me happy just to know that a few short feet away my kids are all tucked in and dreaming away.

    It makes me smile when I think of all that I had done during the day to make my nights easier.  Those little things that most people wouldn’t notice, like wiping the kitchen table after dinner, putting the toilet paper roll back on the holder {because you and I both know that no one but moms can figure out how that silly toilet paper holder is supposed to work}, and starting the dishwasher early to not risk forgetting to start it before you turn in.

    So, when I’ve completed all my daily tasks and I finally get the opportunity to have “alone” time, I like to reflect, think about all I’ve done, congratulate myself, and plan for the day ahead.  Then when all that is done, I will either go to my office and start working or if it’s been a really long and tiring day, I’ll somehow fall asleep on the couch.

    What really makes me happy?  Quiet alone time.  That to me is very sacred.  With my brother in law living with us, my teen-age kids and a laid off husband…there really is no escape for me other than my peaceful late nights watching the flame on my scented lavender candle flicker in the darkness.  That, to me, is priceless!



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    1. Thank you for linking up for my April challenge. I hope you will continue linking up when you can so I can continue to get to know you better.

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