1 reason to love Peeps

Because…they’re PEEPS!!!  Doh!!!


I recently got into a full-on war with my husband about the awesomeness of Peeps and I won, because they’re Peeps and of course, I’d win!  See it all went down like this…

Me:  I’m so excited I got to try all these Peeps and share my thoughts about them with my readers.
Husband:  I don’t like marshmallows so that means I don’t have to like Peeps.
Me:  You’re so weird, who doesn’t love marshmallows?
Husband:  I like marshmallows on a stick slightly burning over a summer fire with a block of chocolate and a couple graham crackers.
Me:  Well, then you do like marshmallows and by the way, that’s so boring and common!!  You’re crazy for not liking Peeps and they’re marshmallow goodness!
Husband:  What’s so special about them?  They’re wrapped in sugar, big deal.
Me:  Big deal?  Every bite is a big deal!  And there is a skill to eating them too you know.  First you start with the left bunny ear, then the right, then the body and lastly the head.  If you happen to be eating a little chick, then you eat it’s head first and body last.  And, for your information, they are also dipped in chocolate, come in different flavors now and have a creamy candy now too!
Husband: Oh well, then you win apparently, but I still don’t like them.

Ok, so that was the summed up version of our conversation, but either way, I won.  But this isn’t about me winning, it’s about sharing with you all the wonderful things I love about Peeps!  So, lets take a look at them all:


The photo on the top left shows off a tube of creamy goodness.  These little guys would be the creamy marshmallow version of a Rolo.  The chocolate is so soft and creamy, it will literally melt in your mouth!  To the right, there is a package of three chicks with their bottoms dipped in dark chocolate.  The bottoms of the chicks are covered in chocolate so if you want just a small tasting of chocolate, these ones are screaming your name!  And on the bottom right, you will see individually wrapped milk chocolate covered Peeps.  I guarantee you will have a taste of chocolate in every bite!


Now on to the fun, new ones.  On the top right side, they have the new fan favorite, Sour Watermelon.  In a very weird way, I like these.  I don’t know exactly what it is about them that I enjoy, but the sourness of it makes me happy.  My kids like anything sour, so this was one of their favorites too.  Now they have cute little decorated marshmallow eggs!  How cute are those?  I love marshmallows, just love them and now in an egg form, sweet!  Lastly, on the bottom right, if you aren’t into the dark chocolate Peeps, you have the option for a milk chocolate covered bottom.  It really doesn’t matter which flavor you enjoy, somehow you just magically enjoy them all…because…they’re PEEPS!!!


What are those Mystery Chicks and Mystery Bunnies you ask?  Those are new guys that will either be tangy, fruity, sweet, salty…you name it.  You won’t know until you try one which flavor you received.  I believe we ended up with both of them being tangy…or sour…or fruity…it was really hard to tell.  But then again, after eating a bunch of them to “taste” them all so I can share this with you, they may have started to blend together! 🙂  And of course, you cannot forget the traditional regular flavor Peeps marshmallow chicks!  Still, they’re one of my favorite go-to Easter treats.

I love sticking all different colored Peeps treats into my kids Easter baskets.  Nothing says Easter like marshmallow chicks and bunnies made by Peeps!  You can find them in just about every grocery store and big box stores like WalMart and Target.  Hurry, go grab some in any flavor, any color…before it’s too late!