I love life; a series to regain a positive outlook

I LOVE LIFE; A Series To Regain A Positive Outlook

Have you ever been sucked into a black hole only to wish and pray you would find your way out of the crazy, asap?  I have,  and it isn’t a pretty place to be that’s for sure!  Recently I have found myself trying very hard to forget about what ever is causing me to turn my positive outlook into a negative one.  It could have been a questionable look from a coworker or boss.  It could have been a tone that was shared.  It could have been anything!  With thousands of thoughts per day, having a bit of negativity is bound to make its presence known.  It’s our jobs to push that negative energy away and firmly tell it to leave and never return.  However, it never listens.  It leaves us with nothing more than self-doubt among other icky feelings. 

I love life; A series To Regain A Positive Outlook

As a way to regain a positive outlook, I have decided to take on a whole new series that I have appropriately titled, “I Love Life; A Series to Regain a Positive Outlook“.  In my series, I will be sharing a blog post three times a week with a quick update to my day or week along with a positive mantra and my own interpretation of what that means to me. 

I have come up with three easy to remember titles for this series.

Motivating Monday – on Mondays I will share a positive quote along with a daily challenge to help keep myself (and you) motivate throughout the day.  Mondays are very difficult and very often challenging days to stay happy.  Monday is usually associated with exhaustion and being tired.  People tend to be more rushed and extremely frustrated on Monday.  It is probably the least productive day for me so if I can stay motivated, it will make me appreciate my life and the love I have for it.

Willpower Wednesday on Wednesdays I will share a quote on strength along with a daily challenge to help keep myself (and you) focused and strong.  Wednesdays I typically start to “fall” off the wagon so to speak and revert to old, bad habits.  It is my hope that I will be able to use Willpower Wednesday as a way to keep strong and pushing forward.  It will prove to me that I am strong and I can get through anything my life throws at me.

Forgiving Friday – on Fridays we are all eagerly anticipating the weekend.  However, some of us (ehem me), goes into the weekend with a chip on my shoulder.  I don’t want that chip on my shoulder anymore.  I don’t want to hang on to anything from the week that was not positive.  I will be sharing quotes on forgiveness, forgiving ones self & others that have caused me pain in some way.  It is the only way to truly love life in which it was meant to be loved.

Now that I have introduced the weekly series prompts, I would love for you to jump in and add your thoughts to the post by sharing comments and any of your own personal stories.  I hope you will come to love life… and … I Love Life; A Series to Regain a Positive Outlook.

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6 thoughts on “I love life; a series to regain a positive outlook

  1. I am looking forward to following your series so I may reconnect with myself. Sometimes I get so busy with my family’s lives that I get to the end of the week “breathless” and tired. It will be nice to acknowledge my own feelings during this process.

    1. That’s exactly why I wanted to start this. We go day to day and we don’t allow ourselves to breathe. Take a moment and enjoy reading a positive mantra and visualize what it means to you! 🙂 I hope you have a great experience with the series! 🙂

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