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    Almost Perfect over the Rainbow Cupcakes

    Today I attempted to make perfect Rainbow Cupcakes instead I got almost perfect.

    I am trying to cope with not being perfect these days, as a mommy I have to realize there will be imperfect moments. What I am saying is by me posting this post it is huge!  I am letting you into my not so perfect world….

    But perfect enough for me

    I have my two little ones at home right now (2&5), so I try to make good use of our time –especially before my daughter heads off to kindergarten.

    Today’s lesson was: ROY G BIV

    Red,Orange,Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple

    The kids learned the  colors of the rainbow in their correct order.   I also printed out some coloring sheets from Coloring Pages 24 for the kids to color (for my sanity)– while we waited on the cupcakes.

    My daughter got the ROY G BIV down my boy... well he's 2.

    I did let the kids help me make these cupcakes, and I would warn” you if the kids help– watch the heavy handed ones.

    What you will need:

    White Cupcake batter (homemade or store bought)

    White Frosting (homemade or store bought)

    Food Coloring

    Fluffy stuff cottontails

    Perfect for clouds

    * Yes, I used food coloring from last Easter– I am usually against food coloring and dyes in food… but I can let loose every now and then… all things in moderation?  The fluffy stuff looked fun to add as clouds.

    This is how I made almost perfect over the Rainbow cupcakes

    I  separated the batter into 6 cups, so that I could dye the batter individually (I omitted indigo).

    Now this is when the fun or chaos begins dying the batter- remember the warning.  My son is a squeezer and he squeezed the green like crazy… and now he is our little Leprechaun.

    Yup, the boy still has a tinge of green to his skin! Hey there goes one of those memories I spoke about in my last post (Dinner Date).  “Remember that time Bubba dyed his skin green.”

    After all the batter has been dyed you will then spoon in batter using ROY G BIV

    Good luck again with heavy hands : )

    Cook cupcakes according to box /homemade instruction.

    Once you’ve let the cupcakes cool frost with white icing and add clouds (fluffy stuff).

    Almond milk makes it better to eat right?
    Almost perfect ...

    TADA almost perfect Over the RAINBOW CUPCAKES : )

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