Back to School CrockPot Dinners That Will Satifsy the Whole Family

With back to school comes less time in the day to make a nice, well-rounded meal, at least it’s that way in my house.  I opt to use my crockpot about 3-4 times a week during the school season.  Yes, I would use my crockpot every day of the week if I could.  There’s something so rewarding about tossing ingredients into a pot and coming home to a meal made for me like magic!  By now, I think every household has a crockpot but if not, you really need to get yourself one!  They’re life changing!  Seriously!
Back To School Crockpot Dinners
Before you get started experimenting with these fabulous recipes shared by my fellow bloggers, you will need to get yourself a great crockpot.  I use the Ninja 4-in-1 Cooking System that you can find (affiliate link) here on Amazon.  I love it because it is a slow cooker, stovetop, oven and steamer all in one!  I have made so many wonderful meals in that handy dandy cookware that I rarely use my oven or stovetop anymore.  My daughter especially loves it when I make her new favorite, steamed veggies.  I found these super thin green beans that she loves and I steam them.  I add a little olive oil and sea salt and she can eat them every day!
One of our favorite recipes is my super easy chili recipe.   All you need is a can of Rotel, crushed tomatoes, ground beef, beans and some seasonings and you have yourself the quickest and the best chili you’ve ever had!  My kids don’t like to eat chili, but my chili, they’ll eat!  It’s really very simple.

Back To School Crockpot Dinners


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There are a lot of different meals for you to try!  I hope you can add a bunch of these to your regular weekly dinner menus!  If you have a favorite back to school crockpot recipe, please feel free to share it or a link to it below in the comments!  I am always, and I mean, always, looking for good crockpot dinners!