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    The Art of Netflix Persuasion

    I love sharing new things with my friends and family.  Ever since I could remember, I have always been like that.  I like testing out new things and sharing what my experience has been with that particular brand or product.  (Hence this blog!) When it comes to what I watch, that’s no different.  Sometimes I have to put more effort into how important watching a particular show is.  However, usually, the art of persuasion wins every time.  

    Atypical on Netflix


    Take the Netflix show, Atypical for instance. I started watching Atypical and quickly fell in love with the show and all the characters.  It was very easy to get into, to understand and to relate to on some level.  I have a lot of friends with children on the Spectrum.  Watching Atypical was a way to learn about the different types of situations my own friends may be faced with.  I had binged the entire first season in about a day.  It was a quick show that really captured my interest.  I made a mention on my Facebook page that if anyone was looking for something to watch they should give Atypical a shot.  I had received a couple messages from friends asking for more details on what it was.  My own mom sent me a text asking, “What was that show on Netflix you said we should watch?”.  

    My Husband Mastered the Art of Persuasion 

    However, persuading those who you live with might be a little more challenging because you are limited with what, when, where or how you stream Netflix.  My husband had gone to the Chiropractor a couple times and each time he would come home he mentioned this documentary that the masseuse had mentioned and said it was life changing for him.  I rolled my eyes because I am not particularly interested in documentaries, but after hearing about it about a kazillion and one time, I figured, eh, why not just watch it.  I watched it mostly so I can get my husband to stop talking about it but after actually giving it a chance, I enjoyed it and did learn a few new things.  Nothing that was life changing for me, but it did get me to see things in a different perspective.  That was his way of using the art of persuasion to get me to watch something that was out of my comfort zone.

    Here are a few different ways that you can use to perfect your art of persuasion.

    So, whether it’s a Chef’s Table:

    Chef's table flowchart


    or Rogue One….

    Rogue One Flowchart

    Or Trollhunters….

    Trollhunters Flowchart


    Some of us need to master the art of persuasion to watch what we want!  How do you persuade your family to watch particular shows on Netflix (and maybe even make them feel as if it were their idea)?  Share your persuasion tips in the comments below! 🙂 


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