Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels

I’m a believer!  I was given a roll of Bambooee Reusable Paper Towels and have to admit I am surprisingly happy with the company’s claims.  My family has been using the paper towels for about a month.. one roll…20 sheets… over and over!  I have not bought any paper towels since we ran out, and we have been just fine.  I was not sure if the bamboo paper towels were going to make it through the wash and they have made it through multiple washes!  Seriously I am in shock and relieved.  I honestly want to lessen my impact on this world, and if I can find a product that can help do that AWE.SOME!


  • Eco-friendly
  • Cut cost on paper towel purchases
  • Soft (perfect to wipe little messy spaghetti faces with)
  • Washable (and I mean washable!)
  • With EVERY roll purchased Bambooee will plant a tree!!


  • I only had 20 sheets (not enough should have opted for two rolls)
  • Spaghetti stains from messy eaters
  • No longer able to put the sheets back on the roll
  • A little pricey  $10 per roll (but you save on future wasteful purchases of traditional paper towels)

Obviously the pros out weigh the cons for me.  I am on a personal mission to decrease my family’s carbon footprint and live a more natural lifestyle.  I admire companies who think of everyday as Earth Day, and consider the sustainability of tomorrow… today.  If you would like to see the difference for your self and cut the waste please check out