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    Lunchbox Superstar-> Lunchbox Buddies

    I have become a lunchbox SUPASTAR! I often try to pack a healthy lunch accompanied with a little note– but I’m human… I had kind of stopped the notes after Winter Break :-/   I know, I know, for shame on me! I understand how important it is to let your babies know you love ’em, and that you’re thinking of ’em even when they are away.  Believe me after a couple of years of psychology classes YOU WORRY TONS about your kiddos’ feelings… trust that.  So, when I was asked to check out Lunchbox Buddies I was happy to oblige, because again my parenting ego needed a boost and I’m sure my babies needed a push– just a little something to laugh because the school day is halfway over 😉

    Lunchbox Buddies are wacky  notes you stick in your kiddos’ lunches, which are sure to make them chortle {chortle means to chuckle.. see these kids come and expand my vocab}.  There are currently two sets to choose from: Goofballs and Space Cadets.  Each set is made up of 20 unique characters that NEVER repeat. I have had so much fun using my new Sharpies to color in our Lunchbox Buddies.  I must be doing pretty good work because the kids at my daugther’s lunch table are asking to see her Lunchbox Buddies notes!  Score! I take a little time out to make my kiddos smile and we both become Lunchbox Superstars!




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