Bathroom makeover – quick fix.

After seeing the fabulous DIY Bathroom makeover from The House of Smiths, my husband and I just had to try this in our boys bathroom. We studied and read the post over and over again just to make sure we knew what we were doing. The whole project cost us $27.00. Here is our journey.

Here is our bathroom before we started.

Almost finished.

All Finished!!!

Now on to the how to do it yourself!

Materials needed:

Paint – we chose white since we already had it.

Long, flat piece of floor molding. Cost $6.00

2 or 3 large drawer pulls. $5.00each

2 pieces of unpainted flat molding strips. $3each

Hammer, nails, liquid nails, electric screwdriver, level, painters tape, measuring tape, saw, (miter saw works best) and chaulking. Had all on hand. Liquid nails cost $5.00


1. Paint all molding pieces.  Let dry.

2. Measure wall and molding to be cut. Remember to measure twice and cut once. 🙂

3. Cut the pieces and double check your work.

4. Place the drawer pulls in place and secure them with the screws.

5. Using nails, secure large molding piece with knobs into place on the wall.

6. Using a level, make sure your molding is level and continue securing into wall.

7. Chaulk around the sides and edges and nail hols on molding.

8. Paint entire area under neath the molding strip and once chaulking dries, paint over the nail holes on strip.

9. Let paint dry. If you do not want to place the box in the center. You are now finished!!! However, if you want to continue on with the box, follow below.

10. Measure and cut the size of the box you want to use. Be sure to use a saw that can cut in a 45degree angle for best results. There should be 4 pieces.

11. Measure and draw on the wall the placement for the box to be placed.

12. Line the back of each piece with liquid nails and secure on the wall. Hold in place for a few seconds. Use painters tape to hold in place.

13. Once liquid nails have dried, chaulk any exposed areas and paint and touch up any spots.

All finished! Now, my goal was to add a design of some sorts inside the box. But, have not found time to do so yet. But, I think the turn out was fantastic and just what I wanted!!! I could not be happier and I hope that you find this a wonderful and easy DIY project too! I would love to see what you have done!

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