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    Book Review – The Klampie Mystery

    The Klampie Mystery by Luis Rodriguez

    I love to read books and so does my 2 boys. So when I was asked to review this book from and new up and coming author, I could not resist. My 3 year old, who is absolutely in love with all types of animals, was squealing with delight to see a Koala on the cover. Immediately, he insisted we read it.

    The story starts out with a great surprise. A trip for Christmas to Australia to visit family. To celebrate and help ease any fright from her first time out of the country, Samantha’s father gives her a stuffed koala that she absolutely loves. She names him Klampie because his arms clamp on to things.

    I found the story to be very educational. It discussed time zones, different countries, seasons, and new words. There was also a mystery to be solved which had my boys very excited and they were hanging on to every word to figure out what happened.

    The illustrations were very creative. True to life and not over the top cartoonish drawings. Helped to bring the story to life.

    While the words and reading level was a little too much for my 3 year old, he loved the pictures and the story as I read it to him. My 5 year old was very in to the story, asking questions and trying to come to his own conclusion as to the mystery.

    This is a great read for all children and has been added to our nightly book rotation.

    The Klampie Mystery is a hard cover book with 32 pages and is published by Mascot Books and is available at bookstores, Amazon, and other online sources.




    1. This book is well below average. Choppy plot, boring, and my young reader stopped reading after about 15 pages. Don’t waste your time or money on this book.

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