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    APP Review – Choco Gets a Check up

    Choco Gets a Check up is an interactive Story book app for the iPad that helps young children develop better reading skills.

    Choco is a pet bunny who has to go to the doctor and is very scared and nervous to do so. But, his friends are there for him to help him through this.

    The pictures are cute and certainly got the attention of my pet lover. The story was very easy to follow and very easy for my 5 year old to understand and follow along with. He enjoyed the story line and talks about his own experiences at the doctor and compares them to how Choco reacts.

    As we are preparing our 5 year old to enter Kindergarten, books like this help him with his reading and speaking skills.

    Choco gets a check up is written and illustrated by Mary Faulhaber and from PicPocket Books.

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