Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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    8 Totally Tots Must-Have’s

    Tots: What's Hot!   When our babies become tots, it opens up a whole new world not only for them, but for us parents too!  They...

    Our Last Big Boy Room Makeover

    We have been in the process of upgrading, my now 5 year old, from his baby room to his very first big boy room....

    First Day of Pre-K Home School

    Monday was our first day back to school. I have a first grader and pre kindergartner. How fast time flies. Because it does fly,...

    Do you have a Modster on your hands?

      Calling All Fearless Drinkers I am super excited to announce that Boon Inc., contacted me to ask me if I would be interested in sharing...

    Bacon Egg Cups

    Love bacon like we do? This recipe is perfect! While searching for a new and easy recipe for breakfast, I came across this very...

    {Book Review} The Bumpy, Grumpy Road

    I love a good book and so does my 2 boys. But, they are hard to come by now a days. So when I...

    APP Review – Choco Gets a Check up

    Choco Gets a Check up is an interactive Story book app for the iPad that helps young children develop better reading skills. Choco is a...

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