8 Totally Tots Must-Have’s

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When our babies become tots, it opens up a whole new world not only for them, but for us parents too!  They suddenly have new found independence and mobility and we have to learn how to adapt to that.  We have put together a short list of what we believe are must-have products for both, tots and their parents.

1.  A good diaper bag.  Ok, so your tots won’t actually know anything about this one, but this bag is too amazing not to include!  We absolutely love the Kate Tote bag by Timi & Leslie.  It is so stylish and spacious that you wouldn’t even know it was a diaper bag!  The bag comes with a matching changing pad, stroller straps, detachable & adjustable shoulder strap, pouchette for Mom’s essentials, insulated bottle holder and a dirty clothes sack.  It has a pocket for just about everything!  It is well made, sturdy and can be used with or without baby!


2.  The Moon Cocoon by nini & pumpkin!  What’s that you ask?  Well it’s the first wearable duvet that grows with your child!  It is an adjustable sleep sack that fits children from 6 months to 3 years.  How is that even possible?  When it’s not being used as a sleep sack, it can be quickly unzippered and used as a blankie or pillowcase.  It’s made using super soft-premium quality 100% cotton and is breathable and wearable.   It is hypoallergenic and lightweight making it the perfect sleep sack.


3.  The Neckerchew by Cheeky Chompers.  What happens when tots start to get teeth?  They dribble…all the time.  They also like to chomp on things…anything, right?  Enter…the Neckerchew!  It is the first, reversible chewing dribble bib for teething babies.  It is worn like a bib but the bottom corner has a a soft chewable spot for little ones to chomp on.  They are absorbent and stylish!  No more soaking wet shirts for you or baby!

8 Totally Tots Must Have's

4. to 7.  Many of the BogginHead products!  4. Reusable Food Pouch SqueezEms – These are perfect for on the go squeezable foods such as yogurt, applesauce, even slushies!  They are washable, freezer and microwave safe!  Your little ones will love these {it screams independence}.   5.  the SippiGrip – yes, they are for kiddos but moms and dads will love them too!  No more bending and picking up cups that have fallen on the floor.  Simply attach the SippiGrip to any stroller, high chair, car seat…anything you can attach it to and you’ll never have to look for that sippy cup, toy or teether again!  Ok, the next two moms and dads will love as well.  6 & 7.  The PaciPouch and the PaciGrip.  The PaciPouch is just that, a pouch to carry your pacifiers in.  It holds 2 pacifiers and 2 PaciGrips so you’ll always know where they are.  You can slip it onto strollers, diaper bags, anywhere you can and you’ll always have access to your little ones paci’s!  Much like the SippiGrip, the PaciGrip attached to all types of pacifiers so that you will never have to search for pacifiers and it helps to keep it clean {because it won’t be falling on the dirty nasty floor}.


8.  The ever needed, Shelfie by jrjrjones products.  Moms and dads know the drill.  Bath time = playtime and when you’re playing in the bathtub what happens?  You get water everywhere.  There usually is more water on the floor than in the bathtub.  The Shelfie attaches to your tub quickly and easily with suction cups.  It will add an extra, safe space for your little one to play, without adding extra water to your floor!


So there you have it, our 8 essential items to make life easier for moms, dads and tots too!


What’s your favorite tot product?



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  1. A good diaper bag is critical!!! That’s my most important. Also the paci pouch is a close second because my 3rd born was a paci junkie.

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