Budsies – The BEST gift you can give or receive…EVER!

Budsies Product Review – Before and After

Parents, listen up. This next product I am about to share with you is a definite must have no matter how old your kids are! Normally you think little kids will walk around with their favorite stuffed animal, right? Normally you want to save every piece of artwork that your child creates, right? Get this, Budsies is a super cool company that will take your child’s ARTWORK and create a one of a kind, totally unique, stuffed animal version of the drawing! It’s true…. I kid you not!

For the purpose of this review, I wanted to find something that wasn’t your traditional drawing, I wanted to challenge the company. I looked around my office and saw an owl that my youngest drew, a family portrait that my son created, and then I remembered something. My oldest daughter who is now 16 found an image online that she liked and recreated it. It was a girl sitting holding a peace sign in front of her. I thought it would be very cool if that could be turned somehow into a stuffed long-lasting memory.

The process was very easy. All you have to do is register/sign up and upload your image from your computer, tablet, phone, email or text. I wanted to see how easy it was so I took a clear photo of my daughters drawing and texted it to the number they provided. A short time later, I received my confirmation that it was received. Then I waited. It did take a few weeks but I knew that it would be worth the wait and I was excited and eagerly anticipating the package!

Then it came….

My daughter looked at it in amazement for the longest time! I mean, it is the coolest thing we have ever seen! She instantly took to her group chat and shared it with all her friends and then…this happened…


Now, let me give you a little info on the Budsies process itself. Generally, to have your own Budsies created will cost $69 and take approximately 6-9 weeks. It seems like a really long time, but when you see it in person, you’ll be more than happy you waited. It is an amazing process and you can read the step by step overview here. Basically, they will inspect your photo, pull best possible fabric choices, create a pattern, sew, stuff, inspect and ship your newly created Budsies! When you receive it, that is when the eyes get big! It is truly a great way to keep memories alive in a sense. Long after the photos and artwork are tossed into the garbage, you now have a piece of your child’s history that will last a lifetime!

I know my daughter loves her creation. She sits proudly on her bed and you’ll often catch her holding on to her…and she’s 16, I can only imagine what it would be like if she was younger! 🙂 I absolutely adore this genius idea, the quality of the product, the customer service, the process, the whole thing. It’s just plain and simply put, great! I more than highly recommend this company and product. I do not think in any way, shape or form you will be disappointed in the process, and the final product, especially when you see your kids face light up when they see how their artwork took on a new life form!

7 thoughts on “Budsies – The BEST gift you can give or receive…EVER!

    1. It is the coolest thing ever! I wish I could do more of them but I fear that my house would be taken over by look-a-like drawings if I cave in!

  1. This is definitely a case of buyer beware. There’s a reason all the pics on their website feature super cute creations with happy buyers. Because when they mess up an order, like mine, they remove your polite comment asking for their response and asking them to fix it. In theory, seems like a great idea — I thought so. I sent in my son’s picture and about 15 weeks later (4 more weeks than they said) it arrived missing simple and crucial details. Not a responsible company.

  2. I agree with Ann. Wanted to get a selfie for my niece’s birthday. Took over the time they estimated and misses her birthday and came a month after that. When it finally came, it looked horrible. It looks nothing like her and it’s very creepy!

  3. My dog my Grandon drew came, late, it was horrible, I am waiting their response, a huge disappointment!

      1. Actually it took me a week of emails and I had to spend another $99 for the upgrade, they would not refund the original, so I bought the more expensive, have not received it yet of course another 2 + months. Apparently when Shark Tank did not invest they knew what they were doing!

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