DIY Fancy Treats with Pop Chef {review}

During the holidays it’s the best time to prepare fun treats for your guests.  You want something different, something original, something they haven’t seen you do before, right?  I had the opportunity to test out Pop Chef with my youngest and she had fun experimenting with all the different foods and shapes!  For this review, we stuck with cheese for photo purposes and because some our favorite fruits to test with are not in season {and/or are too expensive now to purchase}, like cantaloupe and other summer melons.  


Pop Chef


In the kit, you will receive the Pop Chef tool, skewers, dislodging tool, six different shapes {Circle, Heart, Flower, Butterfly, Sun & Star}, the instructions and recipe guide/book.  Everything assembles very easily so pretty much anyone could do this.  Kids of all ages would have fun being creative with different types of foods.  As I mentioned above, we used regular sliced cheese and it did stick just a little but we carefully removed it using the dislodging tool.  You can use the tools to cut fun shapes out of apples, potato {how fun would it be to eat homemade potato chips shaped like a butterfly???}, watermelon, peppers, fondant, and more!  It’s fun just to play around with and see what else you could come up with.  The shapes are smaller than you think, but things like a slice of cheese, you won’t get too many from.  Gianna liked making herself sandwiches so if she’s making her own lunch, I’m ok with that! 🙂


I actually can’t wait for warmer weather when we tend to eat more fruits.  It’s going to be fun making skewers out of nice healthy fruit and eat it while sitting in the sun by our pool!  Birthday parties…watch out!  The Pop Chef is small and compact that we are able to just keep it in one of our kitchen drawers for easy access. 


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