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    Organizing Challenge: Linen Closet

    I wanted to start out some place small but not too small so I tackled my linen closet and under the kids bathroom sink, and my bathroom sink.  Being fearful of what it could ultimately turn into didn’t stop me.  It didn’t take too long surprisingly, but I didn’t really know what I was up against until I took it all out of the closet and under the sinks.   Unfortunately I didn’t take any before pictures of under the sinks,  I was in my zone and couldn’t stop!  Our linen closet was starting to look like an extremely mild scene from those hoarding shows and I know if I let it go any further, there is no way I would have found any medication when the kids needed it…and when I did find it, it probably would have been expired…bad!

    I started taking everything out of the closet completely.  Piled it all up and started putting things back one shelf at a time.  I tossed out expired medications, things I knew we would never use again, and all those sample bottles of things we have collected from just about every hotel stay!  It was so gross, and so rewarding!  It took just about an hour and a half to go through it all and I ended up with one nice big garbage bag of stuff!

    Linen Closet .... BEFORE


    So after I took it all out, sorted and started putting it all back together like a giant puzzle piece, I am pleasantly surprised as to how nice it actually came out.  I was able to put in another shelf on the top to help relieve some of the clutter on the floor and put the humidifiers that we do not use on a regular basis up on top out of the way.  I have had that shelf for about a year before it actually made it into the closet!  Thank goodness my husband was around… I put him to work and had him cutting the wire shelve to make it fit right.  He did a beautiful job, don’t you think?  I even relabeled things with my handy dandy label maker! 🙂

    Linen Closet... AFTER

    I was even able to find a nice spot on the shelf for my big black makeup box and flat irons!  I was able to move all the toilet paper and some other “toilet” essentials under the sink and brought some of the kid friendly towels back into the kids bathroom.  Gave each kid their own dental supplies, put their bath gels and shampoos into their bathroom and simply cleared out the clutter so that when I go into my luxurious (well, to me anyway) bathroom, it doesn’t feel as heavy as it used to be and I am happy in my ‘private’ space once again!

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