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    Dump the frump; Embrace hottness!

    Hey moms, you know what we’re talking about don’t you? It’s time to bring the sexy back ladies! You can start by separating your lingerie and undergarments using this special and separate lingerie hamper that doubles as a travel bag when needed! At first glance, The Dirty Little Secret appears to be a piece of lingerie which allows a woman to hide her delicates in plain sight by simply hanging it in a closet or the back of a bathroom door. The stylish outer bag is perfect for storing fine washables and it opens to reveal a removable mesh lingerie wash bag that protects and extends the life of lingerie when it’s placed in the wash. Tell hubby to pair this up with a nice piece of lingerie to complete the gift! The Dirty Little Secret starts at $50 and all MiAmor products are proudly made in the USA.

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