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    Door To Door Organics {#joydelivered} -hits Chicago!

    Disclosure:  I am being compensated with Door To Door Organics products to try in exchange for providing my honest opinion about their products and service. All opinions remain my own.

    I have always wanted to try a grocery delivery service but was too afraid.  I am not sure what I was afraid of exactly, maybe it was that the food wouldn’t be fresh, that it would be too expensive, or the service was not up to par.  When I was asked to test out Door To Door Organics, I am not going to lie, I did have to think about it for a few moments.  What if I didn’t like it?  What if the food was not as fresh as I would like it to be?  What if it was sitting outside my door because I wasn’t home and it wasn’t packaged right?  What if the products were too expensive?  See I had all these questions floating around but then I thought, what if it’s really good and I miss out on a great experience, so I had to give it a try, more so out of curiosity.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome this company is.  From the moment that you log in to the moment the food is delivered, it is amazing.  You see that photo I shared with you above?  That is no joke how it is received.  But first, before I get to that, I have to tell you about the experience from the moment I logged into the website.


    The Door To Door Organics website is super easy to navigate!  I think that was a part of my fear too is that it would be so confusing and so overwhelming that I wouldn’t want to browse the entire site, but that simply is not the case.  I seriously had gone through each and every category and then some.  You can get fruit, veggies, meat, dairy, bakery, pantry items, beverages…and they have a nice selection of sale items too!  I couldn’t get enough.  I must have spent a good hour just looking around.  I had never really focused on organic food, I mean, if it was on sale and comparable to what I would normally spend, I’d get that brand, fruit or veggie instead.  Organic food was something I definitely wanted to try more of as a parent of three growing kids, so I am glad I opted to give this a try.

    So, now you are all logged in and you have taken a moment to look around, it’s time to set up your box and shipping preferences.  There are four different size boxes {bitty -$26.99, small -$33.99, medium -$38.66 and large -$55.66} and two delivery options, weekly or biweekly.  I selected the bitty box because I just wasn’t sure what I really wanted yet and I just wanted to make sure the food wasn’t bad and/or how long it would last in my house without spoiling.  I also selected biweekly because that is how I plan my meal menus and was easiest for me.  With each box size, you can also select whether or not you want all fruit, all veggies, a mix of both or a local farm option {prices will vary}.  I selected the mix.  They automatically set you up with their chosen fruits and veggies but you can make substitutions, which is what I did because I wanted to make sure I received the items that I needed for my recipes.  I was surprised too that some of the items were the same cost as the non-organic ones in most grocery stores!  It worked out great for me!  I went back and forth adding and removing items until I was satisfied with my bitty box products.  I also wanted to try out some of their other foods so I added ground beef {it was only $6.99 hello!}, taco seasoning, sour cream and a few other things I needed.  If you find something you want to add quickly, add it to your restock list!  If you are going out of town and need to put your account on hold you can, or you can easily and quickly cancel your subscription.  Door To Door Organics really put a lot of thought into the shopper and the shopping experience and it shows!  I LOVED IT!!

    Once you set all that up, you’re pretty much done and all you have left to do is wait for it to be delivered!  Seriously.  The wait feels like forever when you are anticipating great things to come!  When my package did arrive it was raining outside and my biggest fear was that I would come home to a sopping wet box and droopy veggies, but that was so not the case!  When I pulled into my driveway and saw the boxes sitting there, first I was excited and couldn’t wait to jump out and get them, but more importantly, they were covered in plastic to prevent them from getting wet!  I was beyond happy with just that, but then it was time to bring them in and open them up!


    COME ON!!!  Look, just look at that freshness!   Nice bright yellow banana’s, the freshest of fresh romaine lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, avocado, tomato, bright red apples, big red and yellow onions, cold sour cream and cheddar cheese block and of course, frozen…very frozen ground beef.  I was way beyond ecstatic!  I honestly couldn’t wait to eat it all!!!  I did make a special recipe that I will be sharing later this week with it, but just know this now, it was the BEST salad I have had in a long time and even my son said that…that right there…amazing!  I honestly cannot wait to order my next box of goodies…and then get them…and then eat them! Can.Not.Wait!

    I am sure you can sense my excitement by now, but if not, you need to give this a try yourself and to make that easier for you, the folks at Door To Door Organics has provided me with a special code for you to use and when you do use it, you will receive $10.00 your order {first time customers only}!  Grab yourself the bitty box, spend the $16.99 and get a nice box of fruit and veggies of your choice, delivered…you won’t be sorry!  I mean, heck, you can even get the large box and spend less that $50.00 for fresh fruit and veggies delivered right to your door!

    I have to thank you Door To Door Organics for giving me the opportunity to try out the products and services.  So far, I can honestly tell you, the service is top-notch and the foods we tried, better than I could have ever expected!

    If you want to check them out some more, visit their Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest and Instagram!  Tell them Tots To Teens Magazine sent ya and don’t forget to grab your $10 off your first order code! 🙂

    Stay tuned because later this week I will share my recipe and a sweet giveaway for you!  While you wait, please share with me, have you ever tried Door To Door Organics or any other food delivery service?  I’m curious!




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